Carolyn's Essay on Love

Wuthering Heights By: Emily Bronte

Report by: Carolyn
1) Who is narrating the book?
I think the man that is narrating the book is the man that will fall madly in love with a woman that he can’t have. I got this from the back of the book because it describes the book as a love story, and the narrator of a love story has got to be one of the people who falls in love. His name is Mr. Lockwood, and he has a horse. I’m starting to think that he is not the man who is part of the love story in this book. At the point where I am in the story, he is listening to Mrs. Dean tell him about how Heathcliff came to Wuthering Heights.
2) Who are the two people that are supposed to fall in love?
I think that the two people that will fall in love over the course of this book are Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw. They grew up together and played together. Their greatest punishment was to be apart from each other. They both weren’t treated very well by Catherine’s brother Hindley. They did everything together and got in lots of trouble, but were great friends. But after Catherine had been away for 5 weeks, Heathcliff was upset and sad when she returned. He was unhappy with her for calling him dirty. This anger from him to her is not usual at all.
3) Why does the lady in the book have 3 different last names?
Catherine, in her diary, writes her name three different times, all with different last names, Catherine Earnshaw, Catherine Heathcliff and Catherine Linton. Earnshaw is her maiden name. I think that when she wrote the name Catherine Heathcliff she was dreaming of marrying Heathcliff.
4) Who does the narrator live with?
I think that he has someone to come home to, but I am not sure who it is and how they are related to him. Mrs. Dean is living with him.
5) Who is Catherine married to?
I’m thinking ether Mr. Earnshaw, Mr. Heathcliff or Mr. Linton, because she wrote her name with them as last names in her diary. She is not married to Mr. Earnshaw because she is related to him. (He is ether her brother or her father.)
6) Why is Joseph the only one who talks like he is a countryman?
It could be because maybe Joseph is the only one that lives in the Heathcliff household that is not educated.
7) What is the colouring of the people in this story?
Heathcliff is the only coloured person that I know of so far. He is like a gypsy.
8) What era is this story in?
It is year 1801.
9) What are the characters personalities?
Joseph – elderly old man, calls upon the Lord many times in the book, talks like he is a countryman (ebonics), Mr.Heathcliff told him to take Mr. Lockwoods horse and he did, he is a servent in the Earnshaw household, and still is. He is very religious, and reads the Bible often
Mr. Lockwood – he has a horse, he was visiting Mr. Haethcliff (I think)
Heathcliff –a dark skinned gypsy in aspect, in dress and manners a gentleman, rather slovenly, perhaps, yet not looking amiss with his negligence, because he has an erect and handsome figure, and rather morose, possibly, some people might suspect him of a degree of underbred pride, homely, northern farmer, with a stubborn countenance and stalwart limbs set out to advantage in knee breeches and gaiters (as described by Mr. Lockwood) lives at Wuthering Heights. He was found by Mr. Earnshaw when he was just a small child, and Mr. Earnshaw welcomed him into his family. Mr. Earnshaw’s son, Hindley, beat Heathcliff and ordered him around like a servant. Hindley hated Heathcliff because his father likes Heathcliff more than his own son. Heathcliff was good friends with Catherine, Mr. Earnshaw’s daughter. They did everything together as they grew up.
Thrushcross Grange – Heathcliff’s son,
Hareton Earnshaw – Is Hareton Earnshaw Mr. Earnshaw?
Mr. Earnshaw – He was a father of two children and took in a third, and took a liking to him more than his own children. He died peacefully with his family.
Catherine – Strong minded as a child. She was reckless and angered her father and brother many times, she went on adventures with heathcliff, and liked him more than Mrs. Dean thought was normal.
Mrs. Dean – She lives with Mr. Lockwood, but used to be a housekeeper for the Earnshaw household. She is telling Mr. Lockwood all about Heathcliff’s, Hindley’s and Catherine’s childhood.
Hindley – son of Mr. Earnshaw. Jealous of Heathcliff because his father favoured heathcliff over Hindley. Wasn’t with his father when he died, he came home after the fact with a wife that seems to be poor and almost nameless. He beat heathcliff and treated him less than a servant.
10) Who is Hareton Earnshaw?
Maybe he is dead, because the year 1500 was next to his name and now (in the book ) it is 1801.
11) Why does Hindley dislike Heathcliff so much?
Hindley’s father, Mr. Earnshaw loves Heathcliff more than he does Hindley. He favours heathcliff over is own son. Hindley has held that against heathcliff for as long as they have been in the same house. Hindley grew up beating Heathcliff and ordering him around, treating him less than a servent.