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external image 1377698738_l.jpgThis is what i thnk that Boo Radly would look like... minus the guitar
What kind of a socioty made Boo Radly the kind of "monster" he is?
Is he even a monster? the 3 children and the towns people are completaly convinced that he is a monster, spreading rumors that he sluaghters and eats raw animals in the night ie. raccoons and cats. Miss Stephanie said that shes even seen him peeking throught her window mid night. But when Miss Maudys house burns down and the entire town in out on there street Atticuz Finch tells the children to go stand out in frront the Radly place. a balzin house is no place for children. By the time the fire is out and the commotion is slowing down they notice that the'yre startin to freeze, when they get inside Atticuz makes thenm hott chocolate and notices that Jem is wearing a blankety that hes never seen before, both Jem or scout knows absolutely nothing about the blanket. They tell this to miss maudy and she says it was indeed Arther Radly, he noticed that she was cold and put a blanket on her.
He doesnt sound
Is it really okay to bend the laws for certain people becuase they'll never change, and they're kin will never change along with them?. The Ewels are a family of many disrespectful and out of controll children and a cave man of a father, the town blames the boys barbaric behavior on there father who hunts out of season and steals what ever ha can to support his "family", the towns people blame it on his father and say that he will never change so they dont try to impose there rules on him. the boys only go to school on the first day every year. the rest of the year the teachers mark them abstent and they pass the grade. On Jem's first day of school Burris Ewel is in his class, he shows up for his only day, and makes a large scene, when his teacher tells him his father cannot read with him any more becuase it will interupt his lessons, he then goes home and tell atticus that he does not wish to go to school anymore, why should he when the Ewels dont half to. Atticus explains that even tho the Ewels are a family of people they live like animals. They will never change and you shouldnt try to change them. You just half to accept the fact that hey can do whatever they want but for common folk like jem, half to go to school, get an education and like by socoitys rules. Jem has to go to school, just becuase its the way they're family does things.
Why are black people espetially scared to go near Boo Radlys house?
Mr Radly had said that if any nigger comes around his house, he will shoot him in the head, but most are afraid to come around the radly house becuse they;re afriad of Boo Radly ( Arther)

is Boo Radly trying to send a message to some one with the things hes hiding in the tteees?
Jem and scout half to pass bby the Radly place about 5 times every day to go to and from school. as they pass by the see some thing hiding within a tree when they look closer they find a few peices of gum, jem decides if he eats it for a few minutes and doesnt get sick its not poisenous and its okay to eat it when he does scout stops him right away. Later they find a ring box coverd in candy wrappers. inside is two polished indian head pennies. They decide that keeping gum and keeping money is different. they decide to wait until ther'ye back at school to ask if the pennies are any ones if no one claims them, they keep the pennies, no one claims them because they're Boo Radlys.
Does any one have the right to stop you from reading just becuase you're in grade 1?
The teachers at jem and scouts school think that they're alot smarter than the children and the town in general. The as scout says you dont learn anything good until the 6th grade, Jem has started the second grade and is still not learning anything important, she is still reading at home with her father despite her teachers wishes and rules of never reading at home.
is Boo Radly even real?and if so what gives the boys the right to try and drive him out of his house to see if he's real?
Boo Radly is real, and MIss Maudy has even confirmed it, his real name is Arther. When the children ask about how she knows he isnt dead. her only answer can be is. she hasnt seen him carried out yet.

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