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Bruno an O-neal (nick name, Boots) get back to getther and get rid of there new room mates?
They Do alot of things to get back together and they do mean things to there room mates to get back together

The book that i am reading is called "This Can't Be Happing At Mcdonald Hall". There are two friends by the name of Bruno and O-neal (Boots, nick name) and they both keep getting into trouble and so as a result they get seperated from each other and get new room mates in hopes that they will stay out of trouble but it does not happen for some wile and they continue to get into trouble but they were trying not to so that they could get together again but they are just not able to stay out of getting out of trouble. Can stop geting into trouble and get back together. Both of them got into trouble both with there room mates and with the principal they both broke or did somthing to something that was very expensive and important to each of there room mates so as a result of that they both had to get a job to pay there new room mates back for the merchantdise that they broke or damaged.

The first thing that happened was with Boots and his room mate George. He was going to send a letter to his mother and after he did he got a stamp from the dresser thinking that it was a normal stamp but he lator finds out that the stamp that he sent is worth about $300.00 so Boots got callerd to the principal and had to get a job to pay him back. Boots had to wash dishes to get the mony that he owes Geprge. The seconed thing that happened was when Bruno let some of his room mates ants out of a ant farm. So he had to get the some ants back so he went out side to get some ants from a nerby ant hill.
The did some other things as well one thing that Bruno did to get his new room mate away was to pull a prank on him. one morning Bruno got up erlier than normal and he went and got some red paint and painted it all over his room mates face. when his room mate got up he did not know that he had the red paind spots on his face. Then Bruno said what is that all over your face? Then Elmer went to the mere and said what is it and bruno said is was a deadly diseas. but later Elmer found out that it was just a practical joke.

There was another thing that happened with Boots to get his room mate away. One night hed went to the school next door it was a finishing school for young laties.Boots took a rock and threw it at one of the girls windwos. When the girl opend the window Boots asked for a sunk that the girl had as a pet. So he took it back to his dormatoryand stuck it under the bed so that lator he would let it out so that he could scare is room mate away. But he got into trouble for this.

Every night the tow friends meet at a connon in the middle of the school yard. Lator they came up with somthing they were going to start a riot. During the night the two boys go to the finishing school for young laties and wakes up the girls snd askes them if they can help them start a riot. He tells the girls to get some of there nylon stockings so that the boys can run down the hall. Then thay gave the girls some of the belongings from their room mates so that they could frame them for the riot. After they get their nylong stockings they run down the hallway with the nylong stokings on wile screaming. The girls also run down the hall way screaming there are boys in here there are boys in here. Then one of the girls runs and pulls the fire alarm and the boys run out to there rooms. Since the fire alarm goes of the two room mates George ang Elmer run out side. Wile they are out side boots buts the nylong stocking under his room mates pillow and puts the other in the pocket of his pants.He does this to frame him. Lator the Elmer and George get sent to the office and get into trouble but they say that they did not do this, Mr. Sturgen belives them because they are people that would not do somthing like that. So Mr. Sturgen makes the boys own up to what they did by making george and Elmer to go to their room's and prtend that they have been expelled. After that the boys went to the principal and owen up to what they did. They got a punishment of having to clean up the mess that was made during the riot.

The last thing that happend in the book is when Boots and Bruno go to the cannon their usal spot to meet at night and wile they were there they herd a voice calling for help, it was a kid that was in a air baloon and floated all the way from france and landed at Mcdonald Hall school, the reason that he had floan aff was because the rope had broken and he flew away. So after Bruno and Boots herd him call for help thjey went to help the kid. he was stuck in a tree and the only way to fet him down was to get a voly ball net and tie it to a branch so that the boy could climb down the voly ball net. soon they were all standing on one small branch. Once they got down they went over to Mr. Stuergen and rang the bell. He opend the door and asked what happend then they told him and then Mr. Sturgen remembered that it was all over the news that this boy was missing. As a result of findinghim they got metals and they got to have what ever they wanded from the school and from the senitor, the boy's father. Bruno and Boots made the wish of being room mates again, so there wish came true and they became room mates once again.
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