The Wizard of Oz, Delanes Book Report!

Published By:Mediasat Group, S.A in 1900
Genre:Adventure-Fantasyexternal image wizardofozdorothygood.jpg
Dorothy Gale- Dorothy is a small town girl in Kansas. Dorothy fears what a neighbor Miss Gulch will do to her dog Toto. In a dream Dorothy arrives in the Land of Oz. There along with her dog she encounters a Tin Man, a Cowardly Lion, and a Scarecrow that resembled people she knew at home. She also encounters a wicked witch and a desire more than anything to just get home.
Toto- Toto is Dorothy's little black dog. Toto is hated by a women named Miss Almira Gulch, one of Dorothy's neighbors who threatens to hurt the dog. Little Toto is caught by Miss Gulch in her garden chasing her cat, and that is why Miss Gulch often gets angry.
Scarecrow- The Scarecrow is no more than a man made of straw and that claims that he has no brain, and sets off in the adventure with dorothy to OZ.
TinMan- This is a man who is made out of hard iron that lacks a heart. He can't feel emotions he still wishes he could. He is lanky and oil quit offen for his joints. He carries an axe which comes in handy in Dorothy's struggle with the Wicked Witch of the West later in the book.
Cowardly Lion- The Cowardly Lion is the King of the forest makes sure everyone knows. But theres one problem, the Lion has no courage. And when he's nervous he bites his tale and twirls it nervously.
1.What is the main idea of this book?
The main idea in this book is that Dorothy is attempting to make it home to Kansas her home land, but in the process she meets different kinds of people in many different places, this story's main idea is generally about helping, and guiding others when they are in need.
2.Does the scarecrow actually need a brain, or was he just miss lead?
I belive he was miss lead because in the quote that one of the crows said "If you only had brains in your head you would be as a good a man as any of the, and a better man than some of them" made him belive that he was not good enough and lesser than everyone else.
3.Does the Cowardly Lion have any self confidence?
The Lion most likely does have self confidence, but he just needs to find it, because, its just like the metaphor "All bottled up inside"
4.Does the Tin Man show love, and if he did why would he want a heart?
I think the TinMan does have a heart inside of his rust shell but mabye he belives he doesn't belive so because he has never felt love before due to being rusted so long in the forest alone.

Question: Does the Scarecrow, Tinman, and Cowardly lion learn how to accept them selves for who they are and not what they want to be in life?

"Theres no place like home..." This famouse quote from Wizard of Oz that Dorothy said while clicking here heals together while dying to go home to Kansas. Being very creative this book is a classic for the imaginitive mind. There are many different and interesting charactors that you may enjoy in this read. One of the themes in this book is that you must accept what you have in life, even though it may not be the best or as good as some other people have in life.
A man made of straw, this is a man also full of intelligents. He believes in his own mind that he requires brains, but he is a very intelligent being. I belive that the Scarecrow was miss lead in his life before he met Dorothy, because in the quote "If you only had brains in your head you would be as a good a man as any of the, and a better man than some of them" that was said by one of the crows that was dwelling in his land, in that quote it proves that he was miss lead, and it also says that he would be a good man. I think the Scarecrow has been living a lie, because he thinks he is not smart but he is because he thought of the plan to break into the wicked witch of the west's castle, and it was clever.
The Tinman, he shows much love throughout his adventure with Dorothy. He belives that he does not have a heart in his tin body. But the Witch placed a curse on him witch made his axe cut his body while he was chopping wood, and then after that he had to replace his body with a new one and so he lost his heart. But I belive that he still had a heart because he cared for Dorothy as a friend and always attempted to pertect her. In the end of the story OZ gave the Tinman a metal heart which does not compare to a normal heart, nad he discovers that he could love all along.
The Cowardly Lion was a very brave Lion in some situations, but most of them he was terrified of whatever he faced. Dorothy on the other hand showed the Lion courage and how to be strong, but to embrace it he was given a metal pendent from the great and powerful OZ. He then went back to the forest to rule as the king over all the large and small animals, and was afraid of none of them.
The Moral of the story "Wizard of OZ" is that you may belive that you are terrible or lacking somthing that other people may have, but you have it inside you and you just have to find and it may take some time, and it may take a magnificent adventure or mabye just the smallest little quest but you have it in you.