About the Book
By Tanner
The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
Published by Tom Doherty Associates, Inc.
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Bagheera the panther; A silken shadow of boldness and cunning. Bagheera has changed the ways how he sees man, when he was a cub he was captured by man and hated them for doing that but now because of Mowgli, he realizes that not all men are bad and want to trap him. He is a dynamic character.
Kaa the python; A thirty foot battering ram driven by a cool, hungry mind. Kaa is still always hungry and is a static character.
Baloo the bear; Keeps the lore and law, and teaches the Secret Words. Baloo remains the same at the end of the novel, he is still wise and is truthful to to the law of the jungle. He is a static character.
Akela and Raksha the wolves; Demon warriors of the Free People. These 2 wolves were dynamic in the beginning of the book when they decided to take in Mowgli but ever since then they have been static.
Shere Khan the tiger; The dreaded enemy of all. He has wanted to kill Mowgli throughout the whole novel so he is a static character.
Mowgli the man-cub; The orphan baby raised by the wolves, taught by Baloo, trained by Bagheera and Kaa. The sorcerer who knows the ways of the jungle and speaks the language of the wild. Mowgli is a dynamic character because throughout the novel he constantly learns new things about the jungle law which changes the way he lives.

Question: Will Mowgli ever escape from the bandar-log or will he remain among them and become one of them?
When Mowgli was captured, Baloo and Bagheera were frantic at the thought of the bandar-log remolding Mowgli's mind into thinking that there was no law of the jungle. There lifestyle was preposterous and Mowgli new it. He was terrified at how the monkeys were always eating, playing, and fighting, it was barbaric. Mowgli couldn't even think of making an escape because they were always watching him and would surely kill him if he were to try and mke an escape. Baloo and Bagheera wouldn't even be able to take on all of the monkeys with their claws and teeth because they would be pelted with rocks before they could get to them. However there was one animal the bandar-log have long feared; Kaa the python. He could snatch the young lings at night without a sound and even look like a tree branch hanging over them. The panther and bear went to Kaa in need and Kaa was and he answered by being hungry for some monkey. They found the bandar-log at an old ruin and sure enough Mowgli was alive and with them. Kaa took his own route while Bagheera and Baloo entered through the main entrance. They were immediately pelted with stones and covered with monkeys. Kaa was slow getting in but once he was the monkeys screamed frantically and ran for their lives. While the rescue commenced, Mowgli tried to escape and fell to where he could not get back up but luckily he was saved and still thought that the bandar-log were beastly savages.

Question: As Mowgli learns more about the way of the wild, will he earn the respect of all the animals including Shere Khan?
In the beginning when Mowgli was first found and then taken in by Akeela and Raksha the animals at Council Rock did not think anything of Mowgli and wanted him dead, Shere Khan even wanted to kill Mowgli himself. By taking Mowgli in Akela and Raksha gave him his first respect and a chance of a life in the wild. As well for Shere Khan, he is furious with the wolves' act and still despises the man-cub.
As Mowgli grows up he encounters many problems with the animals and their lack of respect for a man-cub. He tries to prove to them that he can run with the wolves and hunt but he really gets their attention by making stick shacks and coverings so he wouldn't be pelted by the rain and other natural elements. Even though some of the animals did not have respect for him, Mowgli despised the bandar-log (monkeys) and how they lived their life with no rules. All they did was eat and play, they were savages.
After many years Shere Khan came back to Mowgli's jungle in the search of man-flesh; Mowgli. Mowgli promised when he was young that he would someday bring home the hide of the tiger for the pack leader, Akela, to sit on on his rock. By doing this he would earn the respects of all the animals in the jungle and even the respect of the humans who had a price on Shere Khan's head of 100 rupees. Mowgli, and 2 wolves went to the city of men to gather up the buffalo and wild stock because they had a plan to take out Shere Khan. They found a narrow path where the sides could not be jumped over by a tiger so the he would be trapped. When Shere Khan came to Mowgli he and the wolves started a stampede which trampled the tiger, killing it. He skinned the body with the knife the humans had so kindly gave to him and gave the hide to Akela. Mowgli had finally earned the respects of all the animals in the jungle and he could not be ashamed of himself anymore.