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The Hobbit

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by J.R.R tolken

Question. Why did Bilbo baggens after fighting the idea to take on life of great risk and adventure, decide to leave when he had such a peacful and perfect life?
-Bilbo at first mention of edventure went into a defensive ball saying adevnture and hobbits are nott o words that should be in the same tale.
-Bilbo ignored the grey wizard hoping he would just leave
-After hearing that he was gandal biblo had a diffrent mind set and his took side was let out
- Bilbo lived a quite life in a small village (the shire) full of quite passiv people (hobbits)
-Bilbo left for the money but he didnt actualy need the money it was more or less out of greed
-But Bilbo didnt find it a perfect life in his eyes it wasnt enouph he wanted more, needed more