Keith Klotz

The Dog Who Wouldn't Be

Keith's Report

Theme: Adventure


What type of dog is mutt? Answer: Mutt suposedly is a Prince Albert Retriever.
How come Mutt acts so strange and does such strange things?
Why did the author call all the characters mother, father, son etc. and not by normal names?
Why did Mother take mutt in the first place why did they need that dog?


Fellow hunters

Chapter Reviews:

Chp. 1

In chapter 1 the family moves to saskatchewan. When they get there and settle for a while aboy comes to their door selling ducks and also has one little puppy. He asks mother if she would like to buy a duck but she doesn't want one so instead see's the little puppy and asks if he's for sale and the boy says yes so mother buys the puppy. Mother thinks this puppy would be a good hunting dog and thts instead of father buying an already trained hunting dog thats extremely exspensive than just useing the puppy she bought for 6 cents. Father finaly agrees to keep the dog and they name him Mutt.

Chp. 2

Chapter is all about Mutt and explaining the early days of his life and how he acts. One time he goes down town with mother and she leaves him outside in the cold when he wants to come in, so when she comes out and tels him it's time to go he refuses to and lays on the sidewalk and sulks. So after a while of mother trying to bribe him and make him move off the sidewalk and come home, it draws a crowd so there ends up being a whole bunch of people there trying to tell Mutt to get up off the sidewalk and go home. Finally Father comes buy in Eardlie there model A ford and picks them up. Also in this chapter Father starts to write a book and get's extremely anoyed if anyone bugs him while he's writing it. And guess who starts making noises and bugging Father until he rages, "Mutt" does and father and him get into an argument and mutt finally gives up and runs down stairs to sulk and he doesn't talk to Father for a few days after that.

Chp. 3

Father doesn't like bad grammar because he's a librarian and has to have everything organized and done right. So one day he reads one of Mothers Magazines It has this add in it that he does not like because of the way its written and what it's about so he goes on and on about why this add is so stupid and not right and finally Mother tels him to stop making such a big deal over it, and he stops. Another thing that happened was that Mutt doesn't like taking baths so its hard to get him to go down stairs without tricking him into day father thought it was time for him to take a bath and mutt starts diong all he can to resist, but Father persist and finally gets him into the tub and while in the big fight uses some blueing to take the stains out of his fur but ends up useing to much and turns all of Muts white fur to blue aswell as his nose which was turned blue also.

Chp. 4

Mutt was used as a hunting dog by Father for the first time and he failed miserabely at his first attempt Mutt chased all the ducks away and ran off to chase cows he pretty much did nothing but make Father mad. And Father concluded that he could not be a hunting dog But Mother thought otherwise and told him to try mutt out a few more times. Father tryed him out but got the same results.

Chp. 5

Mutt finally shows he can hunt and retreive well. Father and Farley go hunting for gease so instead of runping out and scaring all the gease away Mutt restrains him self and waits until Father shoots one and he dives out after it. The goose was only wounded and Mutt had to exert himself beyond his normal comfort level to catch it. It takes him awhile to catch but he eventually gets it and brings it to shore totally exhausted. Mutt proves himself finnaly and is well rewarded.


Mutt is getting better and better at hunting and has gone out on many more hunting expeditions since the last one where he proved himself. One day a rich man came to town and he was very into dogs specifaclly hunting dogs. He got into a conversation with some of the locals about dogs and they ended up telling him about Mutt, and how good of a retrieving dog he was. They told him what type of dog he was and the Strange rich guy had never heard of it. So he decided to come see this dog and when he gets there he wants mutt to prove himself by retrieving something. So Father gets out his gun and goes BANG and Mutt runs down the stairs to get something. After about 2 min he comes back witha stuffed grouse in his mouth that he got from the store next door. The stranger thought this was pretty amazing and went home amazed.

Chp. 7

The family moves to a place close to the river and mutt is confronted with all types of diferent dogs that roam the streets in packs. So mutt develops a way of being able to avoid the dogs. Around the town most house are enclosed by wooden fences that have a 6inch piece of wood running along the top. So Mutt stars walking on the tops of these fences to avoid the dogs that want to fight him. After he master his fence walking he goes to cat hunting because the cas always use the fences as there highways to avoid the dogs. But not Mutt he chases them down and the cat population starts to go down.

Chp. 8

Farley and his buddies go to the cat Ladies house to se if they can see how many cats are inside. They can't tell but they kow that the ladie lets all her cats out after dark onto the roof so they can't get away. Farley before this event had been training Mutt ot climb latters, and he could do so very well, by the time he got to the Cat Ladies house. Once there they put a ladder to the roof with all the cats and let Mutt crawl up. After a huge ruckus the boy's including Farley ditched Mutt and ran home. The cat aldie called the police because she thought it was a burglar and all the cats ended up climbing down the ladder to get away.

Chp. 9

Chapter 9 is about father wanting to get a boat because he loves sailing and being on the water. So he buys a canoe and fixes it up with a sail and gives a new paint job aswell as naming it "Conception". He has never really been around rivers because he only has been to sea so its a whole new experience for him. So to start off he takes Conception to the Saskatchewan river at flood season and launches, he doesn't get back till the next day in the back of a horse drawn wagon along with Conception. He then takes the boat to a nearby lake which has such high slat content that Concepyion is only in the water about an inch. He laidens the boat down with rocks to make it float lower in the water. It works until the rock shift and all the wheight goes to once side and Conception sinks.

Chp. 10

In this chapter Father and Aaron Poole build a boat that they plan to sail to new brunswick in or the east coast. Theres a big deal about it and repoters come from all around to go on the news. They start there journey off at The Saskatchewan River. and go until the ship falls apart the book was never really made properly so it was no woonder they didn't make it that far. All that chapter was about was boating and yet another adventure.