Final Essay
- What are the similarities between Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn?
- There are many similarities between Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, both are lazy, adventurous, trouble-making boys that always find a way to irratate a fellow neighbor. The biggest similarity between Huck and Tom is that both have no parents.

- What does Huckleberry Finn think of his new family?
- I think Huckleberry thinks that his new guardians are a bit strict and that they go overboard with their religious beliefs from time to time. But I think he knows that they're good hearted people that care about him and his future.
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- Why does the derogatory term "nigger" come up throughout the novel?
- I think why the derogatory term comes up throughout the story is because of the time frame when the book was published. This book was published during a time when there was no Martin Luther King, there was no black rights in society, and there was no love between different races. Therefore this is why the derogatory term was used throughout the story.

- How are Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer portrayed by the author?
- I believe Mark Twain portrayed both Huckleberry and Tom as two adventurous, lazy, feebleminded boys that are always looking to have some fun.

- How will Huckleberry Finns absence from his home affect the way his gaurdians treat and think of him?
- I think Huckleberry's gaurdians knew that Huck would be a bit of a rascal from time to time and I think they will probably give him more rules to obey, so he won't be able to run around the town at 2 am causing havick.

- How will Tom Sawyer's lies and wild imagination affect the way Huckleberry believes what Tom is saying is true?
- I think Huckleberry will soon come to understand that Tom's imagination is a little wild from time to time and that he will have to start thinking for himselft instead of always asking Tom.

- What are some similarities between Huckleberry Finn and the slave Jim?
- Huck and Jim are two old friends that have both ran away from their problems, Huck has ran away from his father and Jim has ran away from the slave life. Both know the difference between immaculate and felonious and both symbolize humanity and the rights that every human being possesses. Huck knows what his father is doing is wicked by abusing and stealing from him, and slave jim knows that slavery is cruel and he should have the same rights that every other white man possesses. Both friends represent freedom and the struggle that not many other people have to face in their childhood, the struggle of humanity.

- What is "civilization" in the eyes of Huckleberry Finn?
- I believe Huckleberry just wants to be treated fairly. His civilization would be that of a modern town, to be disciplined if you did a crime, and to be rewarded if you did a benevolent deed. I think all that Huck and Jim really want is to be treated with kindness and dignity. To be treated like any other human being out there, to be treated with an amount of respect and honour. This is what I think "civilization" means to Huckleberry Finn.

- What are some examples of dramatic irony, that Mark Twain uses throughout the novel, to define freedom?
- Mr. Twain uses many symbols and examples of irony to define freedom. "There warn't nothing to do now but to look out sharp for the town, and not pass it without seeing it. He said he'd be mighty sure to see it, because he'd be a free man the minute he seen it, but if he missed it he'd be in a slave country again and no more show for freedom." I think Jim believes he will be free only if they land in Cairo, but in fact, he will still be afflicted by the whites. Jim bases his self worth on money, and it seems that "freedom" is not a state of the mind, but rather a state of society.

external image twahu75.jpg-What are some similaritites and differences between Jim and Pap, as parents?
- There are many differences, not really any similarities that I can find. Some differences are that Pap was a drunk and Jim was a slave. Jim was a good-hearted man and Pap abused and stole from Huck. Jim was more like a true father and Pap was deffinetly not.

- How and why do Huckleberry and Jim forge a friendship?
- They are both cut off from civilized society, and want to be free from society's hypocritic nature and injustice. They rely on each other for support, forming a surrogate family as Huck treats Jim like a human being and helps him to escape, while Jim looks after Huck and prevents him from getting in too much trouble.
- The Mississippi River is probably the biggest symbol throughout the book, it represents freedom for Huck (by getting away from his drunken father), and for Jim (by getting away from the slave life).
- The raft is almost the same thing but it represents more of an escape for Jim and Huck. The adventures that they will face will be there escape through the raft.
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