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The Sky is Falling.

By Kit Pearson.

Question: How does Norah deal with the changes in her life and all the responsibility given to her when she is only seven years old?
Answer: Norah has always had alot of pressure to grow up fast and act like an adult. In chapter one, the reader is told about the Skywatchers Club, and how all the memebers of the club are older than Norah. Norah is portrayed as a little girl that has alot on her plate. With the war going on, she is expected to babysit her brother, Gavin quite a bit. She wants to be just like her father, so she joins The Skywatchers to try and help. She struggles being the youngest one in the club and is persuaded easily into doing the "dirty work." In chapter 2 the reader finds out about Pete and Molly, former Skywatchers, who've been shipped to Canada until the war is over. Norah is afraid of being sent to Canada after Tom had told her what he thought about people leaving England. "Anyone who leaves England is a coward." (pg.11). In chapter 3 and 4 Norah's worst nightmare comes true, her father tells her that Gavin and her are going to Canada. She is scared, because everyone is telling her that she must look after Gavin. The author shows the reader how scared Norah really is by Norah's uncontrolable weeping. In chapter 5 she confronts Tom and tells him what has happened, she thinks he is going to be furious and think she is a coward, but she is surprised when he just feels sorry for her. Norah and Gavin are labeled and put on a train, Norah hates the fact that shes leaving England, she wanted to help win the war, but instead she gets shipped, with her younger brother to a whole different continent.

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