The Neon Jungle

  1. Why does Lieutenant Rowell have so much controversy over Bonny?
  2. What is Paul’s theory on Andy Rowell?
  3. What did Bonny do that makes her a convict?
  4. What did Gus do to make him a convict and why does he let all these convicts live and work in his shop?
  5. What did Vern do to make him a convict?
  6. Will Teena make it out of rehab?
  7. Will Rick stop trafficing drugs?

-Henry went to war and died.
-Paul is called the preacher.

1. Lieutenant Rowell has so much controversy over bonny because he does not like that Gus is helping all the convicts.

2. Paul’s theory on Rowell is that he has many problems at home and takes his anger out on people on the streets.

3. It never tells why Bonny is a convict but judging from her personality she never planned on doing whatever she did.

4. Also it never tells why he is a convict but it tells that someone gave him a chance to make it better and he is thanking that person by helping the convicts.

5. Where Vern used to live there used to be gang fights behind the school a lot, Vern’s only mean of excitement is participating in the fights. One of the fights was a weapon fight were people used sling shots and bb guns. Vern had a sling shot and was hiding in the bushes, he heard screaming and grabbed a sharp piece of metal he found on the ground. He walked to where the screaming was and saw a boy laying on the ground and a man with a shotgun pointing it at the boy’s head. Vern shot the metal and hit the man in the head and killed him.

6. It never tells is Teena makes it out of rehab but I think she would have.

7. Rick is still trafficking drugs when he dies.