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Question #1- "Lucy exclaimed that she was gone for hours and hours but the others said she was only gone for a half hour". How is this possible?

I believe that when Lucy went to "Narnia" it slowed down the time because I think whatever you wish in Narnia will come true. She said "I must go im running late" so the time slowed down so she would not be late and everyone wondering where she was all day. The novel seemed real and everything was normal but when she went into "a secret wardrobe" the atmosphere changed immediatly. The book was in a dreamland and the imagination of C.S Lewis is beyond thinking.
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Question #2- "Do you believe that the Professor knows something about the secret wardrobe"?

I believe that the Professor does know something about this secret wardrobe becasue when Peter and Susan had told what Lucy said about Narnia and the faun and everything, he did not look suprised nor disagreeing but he actually believed Lucy and told Susan and Peter to follow. Susan and Peter are at a very tough stage of actually thinking Lucy is telling the truth but I think the truth will come out further in the novel.

Question #3- "Do you think Edmund will fall in the trap of the "White Witch" and bring Lucy, Peter and Susan to Narnia"?

I do think Edmund is going to fall in the trap of the "White Witch". Bringing Peter, Lucy and Susan to Narnia then pretending to go to some house they have no idea who's it is so Edmund can get some more "Turkish Delight" because of the unbelievable craving he has for them. Then when Lucy was talking to Edmund about the "White Witch" he seemed to not believe her and think she was a great lady and the so called "Queen of Narnia".

Question #4- "Where is the general plot of the story"?

The general plot of the story so far is at the Professor's house but I do think it will more be set in Narnia. I think when Edmund takes Peter, Susan and Lucy to Narnia to the "White Witch" the rest of novel will be in Narnia.

Question#5- "Why do you think people come to tour the house"? "Is there some secret"?

I believe people come to tour the house because there is some secret to it. Some sort of history that happened there, I think some old famous person once lived there. I believe a magician once lived there and casted spells.