The Jungle Book - Rudyard Kipling

By: Rikki


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My Questions and Answers:

Why were the bandar-log such foolish animals and always wanting attention?


The Bandar-log people were such foolish animals because they did not have a leader to listen to and to keep order among them. They also did not obide by the laws of the jungle people making the bandar-logs shunned by them and ignored. They also did foolish things such as throwing sticks and nuts to seek attention but others just fled and ignored them. They were always seeking attention because they wanted to show the other people of the jungle that they were wise and could be masters of the jungle. But really they were just foolish and unintelligent animals.

Why does Baloo always beat Mowgli?


Baloo always beats Mowgli because Mowgli never listens to him and never gets any of the questions Baloo asks right. By beating him Mowgli begins to understand that if he pays attention and listen to what Baloo is saying then he'll actually learn the answers to Baloo's questions. By knowing the answers and getting Baloo's questions right Mowgli won't get beaten by the bear as he won't get frustrated at Mowgli's mistakes.

Will Mowgli eventually gain the respect of all the jungle people and become the jungle master?


Mowlgi does eventually gain respect of all the jungle people after he slays Shere Khan. He is then recognized as the master of the jungle. All of the animals and jungle people show him the utmost respect and listen to all advice and things he has to say.

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