The Hound Of The Baskervilles

1: Questions & Main Characters
2: Report

Reviewed By Sharan

Q: Why does the author make this story Dr. Watson's point of view, instead of just having Sherlock Holmes tell the story himself?

A: The author uses Watson as a narrator for a few reasons. One is that Watson isn’t as broad minded as Holmes so whoever is reading the book can grow mentally with Dr. Watson and understand the case like him. If Sherlock Holmes were telling the story himself, we as readers wouldn’t have any chance to make theories, or come to any conclusions. Another reason why Watson is narrator is because he can keep a good pace of the novel. We all know Sherlock is good at keeping conclusions to himself but he is such a quick thinker and he can absorb things into his mind at a very fast rate. This would make reading this book a little boring, as we wouldn’t understand much of the novel.

Q: Who or what was the thing that murdered Sir Charles and who has been haunting the Baskerville hall for generations?

A: Well as I got farther and deeper into this novel, I soon learned that it wasn’t a supernatural spirit that was haunting the Baskerville hall instead it was a human being. Mr. Stapleton had been plotting to kill Sir Henry for quite a while and he was the one who killed Sir Charles. Well Stapleton didn’t kill people physically but he spent a few years making a hound into a bloodthirsty killer. So Sir Charles died because of a heart attack, as he was extremely scared of the hound. But in the end Holmes and Watson were ready when the hound tried to devourer Sir Henry and they solved the mystery of the Baskerville hall.

Character List
Sherlock Holmes: He is this novel's protagonist. Although in this book Sherlock Holmes takes a back seat to the case you can still feel his presence when he's not there.
Dr. Watson: He is other protagonists and the overall narrator of the story. Watson is the sidekick of Holmes but in this book he has to act like the number one detective.
Sir Henry Baskerville: He is the nephew Sir Charles Baskerville and since Charles is dead, Henry is now the owner of all Sir Charles fortune.