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The Hobbit

By: J.R.R.Tolkien


Hobbit chapter notes

My Question

What inspired Tolkien to write his books and use so much detail?

My answer

Tolkien first career after World War 1 was a job with Oxford English Dictonary where he spent most of his time reserching etymology. As many of his readers may have noticed he wold base some event in his books on events that were happing in his era . He started most of his books by using storys that he would tell his children and later on his children would soon be helping him with new characters and new storys. Over all Tolkien was strongly influenced by english history and legends that helped to start most of his his childrens stories that soon led to books.


Bilbo:Started out as a normal hobbit that was very respected because his family was Known for not having any adventures or doing any thing unexpected.
Dwarves(12 of them):There names are Dwalin,Balin,Kili,Fili,Dori,Nori,Ori,Oin,Gloin,Bifur,Bofur,and Bombur have each has there own short story that explanes them. As you my have imagined with there numbers the do contribute to the story a lot.They go on the adventures with a Wizard ,a Hobbit and there leader Thorin.
Thorin:Is the the leader of the 12 Dwarves(not including him self)and has a deep history with the other Dwarves that live(or used to live)in the lonely Mountian.
Gandalf:Is a very respectied and well known wizard his relashonship with Bilbo is because of his small visits that he has with Bilbos town.Gandalf plays a hug role in this book and all of the lord of the rings books.
This is a scene when Bilbo meets smaug: