The Hobbit J.R.R. Tolkin ~ Nadine/Jakotsu
So far in the book the situation is changing all the time one second there going to be eatin by trolls the next there having a good time with the elves. The mood of this book so far is adventerous because you really dont know where they will be next.
The ring Bilbo finds is kinda symbolism because using its awsome powers he gains the dwarfs respect.

Bilbo ~ Non-adventurous Hobbit who is famous for his boring everyday life. His character has been growing he is taking part in a dangerous adventure and he is becoming more and more couragous.
Gandalf ~ The old wizard who convinces Bilbo to go on the adventure. He is mysterous in a way that he knows alot about Bilbos family, his moms half anyway.
Thorin ~ A Dwarf who is in search of a fourteenth member for his party. We dont know much about him yet but, seems intresting.

Why does Ganalf want Bilbo for his adventure he could have picked some one else. Is it because of his mother? And what kind of adventure is Gandalf taking Bilbo on?
Gandalf wants Bilbo for his adventure because his moms bloodline shows that he is the right man for the job. His one relative was extremely couragous and he was lage enough to ride a horse. The adventure is retrieving stolen treasure from a dragon.
What kind of problems are they going to encounter on there journey?And how will they be resolved?

My Report
Bilbo was an everyday normal hobbit, he drank tea he smoked a pipe and he was practically famous for never doing anything out of the ordinary, until Gandalf came and convinced him to go on some crazy quest to retrieve treasure from a dragon. He had 13 dwarfs as companions. On his way to steal back the treasure he encounters trolls, elves, the creature gollum, a huge evil spider and of course Smaug, the dragon. Overcoming these things he gained the dwarfs respect and had the chance to truly show what he is capable of doing.

Throughout the book Bilbo is faced with obsticles. The first obsticle he has to overcome is waking up the next day and acutally starting the quest, sometimes its hard to go out and do something you've never done before, and have no confedence in doing.

The second obsticle Bilbo faces are the random problems he runs into on the way. Each problem he overcomes the more respect he earns. Just like in real life if you get through somehing bad or you get first in something or even second people seem to have more respect for you, even you have more respect for you. The little things on the way to the big problem help build and strenghten you so the big problem gets smaller and is much easier to overcome.

The last thing Bilbo had to do was steal back treasure from a dragon, he had no experince on any of this kind of stuff but on his way the things he had acomplished made him more capable and more confendent to steal back the stolen treasure. After doing so he could'nt go back to a normal life he had done so much had seen so much that life could never be the same, it changed him and mabey for the better.
In conclusion this book was very intresting and has many obsticles in which Bilbo must face.