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1st summary questions
Ryan's Report
The Great Brain
By Ryan
Author- John D. Fitzgerald
Narrator, (person telling the story) - J.D.
Characters: J.D.- confounded, admiring younger brother of Tom
Tom - Ten years old, The Great Brain himself, intelligent money loving boy
Thomas- Man Of the family, Big boss man, Owner, editor and publisher of the towns paper. The only one in the town with a college education
Tena - Mom of J.D. and Tom, Husband of Thomas, she is the homemaker and good old stereotype of a stay at home mom.
Aunt Bertha - Not actually and aunt but just a really good family friend
Uncle Mark- The town Marshall
Sammy Leeds- sord of a bully but mainly a good cemaretin.
Mr. Standish - mean schoolmaster
Sweyn D Fitzgerald - The oldest brother that leaves to pensylvania so he can go to high school. Lives with relatives there.

Told by views of John Dennis Fitzgerald, the stories mainly center around the escapades of yound J.D. mischievous older brother, Tom Dennis Fitzgerald, whose nickname is "The Great Brain". This story the great brain was made into a movie in the late 1970's

This Book talks and discusses Important issues and problems back in that time.
What issues does this book discuss?
- Racism, allthough not to african americans there is racism towards and new greek boy that just moved into town
- Diabetes
- Banking and money holding
- small town cultures
- church beliefs
- Child Discipline
These are the main issues and differances from then to now in the book.
About the story:This is a story about Tom D. Fitzgerald, the Great Brain, as told by his brother John. The three Fitzgerald boys grew up in the small town of Adenville, Utah in 1896. John relates the many adventures of the Great Brain including teaching Basil, an immigrant Greek child, how to be a "real American kid."