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Lord of The Rings:
Fellowship of the Ring

Who is Gandalf and what is his purpose in the shire?
Gandalf is a known as the ‘Gandalf the Grey’ is a witty, full of charisma wizard of great skill and talent. His journey to She Shire is to collect ‘The Ring’, which is an artifact of great danger if it falls in the hand of the Evil Dark Lord, Sauron.
Why did Bilbo Baggins flee the shire?
Bilbo Baggins life is getting shorter and shorter as he speaks. He left to go see his relatives for the last time.

Characters I've met so far:
Bilbo Baggins, the first known ring-bearer to give up the ring voluntarily.
Gandalf the Grey, is an immortal being, 1 of the 5 Istari (wise.)
Frodo Baggins, adopted and named heir by Bilbo Baggins.
Samwise Gamgee, Frodo's loyal companion, there to help him.
The Black Rider, A terrifying death prophet searching for the ring.
What has happened so far:
-Frodo was adopted by Bilbo, and named his heir 31 years later.
-Gandalf came to the shire, searching for the ring.
-Bilbo did his 'dissapearing act' by slipping on the ring, and going invisible.
-Frodo, Sam and Merry see the 7 Black Riders walking on the path and they hide under the tree.
-Frodo, Sam and Merry stumble on to Old Maggots farm, where they are scarecly greeted by Old Maggot.