The Chrysalids Fringes.jpg

By Andrew Farrell

John Wyndham wrote the Chrysalids in 1955. The book itself is a sci-fi novel about the world after The Tribulation, which was annihilation, believed to be sent by god for all their sins. The book takes place in the future spot of Labrador called Waknuk where the people believe that any deviation in the way things look is considered the work of the devil and sacrificed while they sing church hymns. The main characters are David and his sister Petra, they are part of a group of about six people the can communicate via thought shapes. Thought shapes are like telepathy but they can only use shapes and if they choose they can also talk to get their message across clearer. Now somehow a few people are finding out there secret and trying to kill them off. But the real question is how are people finding out about them, none of them have loose lips because if they did all of them would be eliminated.

Question 1: Why do they use their powers for good not evil?

Question 2: How are they being found out?

Well I think there is a few different reasons why someone would do something like use powers for evil instead of good. There are a few ways in my mind that would tell people what to choose like nature and nurture. Nature, how you are born how you start off. Nurture how you grow up, where, and what kind of family you have. For instance under nature, David was born a nice person who’s father was born not-so-nice. So his father could have been told to be different than what he had started out as. Every one of different ways of life has different definitions of what is good and what is evil. In real life someone could be told to steal as a good thing, which most of us would find to be bad. In the book at the end when the main characters are being saved the ones saving them thought killing the people after David would be a good thing because in their mind the end justified the means.

Maybe most if not all people are born on the line between good and evil, and what they do later in life that defines whether their position of the let's call it the "Scale of Stance" whether it be good evil or in between. But also a person may do bad things, which doesn't make them a bad person. Like wise some that does great deeds maybe the meanest person ever you can never tell right away. What if some events which you choose your response to are actually change you on the "Scale of Stance" but most of the events don't choose who you will be like skipping school a day or two doesn't always mean your a bad person just means you made the wrong choice. Some people probably have more of the important choices than other people so their character is defined earlier in their life instead of people that have to wait to become the person their going to be for the rest of their life. It all depends on again where you grow up and your style of life. For example rich people will have less important actions than someone on the street would have.

Somehow, someway people are finding out about there secret. The amazing thing is people are finding out their secret without any physical deficiencies. They appear normal but their minds are the only thing different. I think the only possible way other then them being told is if they were caught in the act of talking while projecting. But the people know better than to let themselves get caught by anyone that upholds their current and senseless laws. One law states that if a woman gives 3 babies not in the perfect image she will be sold of to another town. If they were ever caught, without question they'd be killed within a few days. The first one that was killed was believed to be accidental, was the death of Walter Brent. Then fell Sally and Katherine after being interrogated by inspectors (which are their police).It's not like they did anything wrong they only killed one person that attacked them first.

I found again that the Chrysalids, was once again an excellent read. The themes in this book are Good vs. Evil, survival and of course geeks will inherit the world... just kidding. They always try to survive no matter what; they only killed people that tried to stop their trek for freedom. At the end they did finally get saved but they had to leave Michael behind. The creepy thing is that the main character David falls in love with his cousin Rosalind. But the ending is a bit weird they get saved by the people from the new world, they came in on helicopters and got rid of the evil people be firing some sort of spider web firing device. And of course at the end Petra even though she saved everyone's life by contacting people in the new world that no one else could, she still can't control her powers. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a good sci-fi novel.