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The Borrowers
By Mary Norton

Why are the borrowers so small?
They are a different kind of species, like animals and humans. They are extinct now, but before, no one knew about them, only animals, and a few humans, that didn't know exactly what the borrowers were.

Why does the borrowers' population keep decreasing?
The borrowers that get "seen" get eaten by the pets that live in the same house as them. The other families that live in the same house emigrate to new places, to be sure that they won't be "seen" too.

Why is it so important for the borrowers not to be 'seen'?
The people that see them might think that they are bugs or something and get them exterminated, or if the house has a pet, the pet might eat them. They also want to stay in a nice warm house, with all the essentials that they need, than live outside in a cold, damp hole underground, with worms & weasels. If they are seen, it will ruin there whole way of life, and the way that other generations lived.

Why don't girls go borrowing?
The men think the women should stay at home, doing all the household jobs such as cooking, cleaning, making clothes, and decorating the house so it is nice for the men to come home to and for the family to live in. But once Arrietty begins to borrow, i think girls will start to borrow, as well.

Why does the boy threaten Arrietty when he first meets her?
He wants to be friends, but he doesn't want her to tease him, so he tries to be the one in charge of the friendship. He later realizes that the borrowers are nice people, and are just as clever, or more clever, than humans. So there was no reason for him to threaten Arrietty.

What really happened to Eggletina on the day that she dissapeared?
i don't think she was really eaten by the cat that lived with them. I think she became friends with the cat, and was sick of being couped up, underground, in darkness all of her life. So she decided to run away, and live freely.

How many borrowers are actually left in the world?
There aren't too many borrowers left, but a few families live around the world, after emigrating to many different places because of them being "seen". They fled because they were scared of being exterminated, or being eaten by the animals within the house.

Will the boy get the letter from Arrietty to give to her Uncle?
He gave the letter the her Uncle Hendreary, who then wrote back asking for her Aunt Lupy to return home. But she never arrived at the Clocks' house, so they became worried as to what happened to her.

Will the Clocks emigrate?
I don't think the clocks will emigrate because Homily, the wife, has everything perfect and just as she and everyone else likes it. They also really don't want to move, because outside is dangerous for people of thier size. Animals could eat them, or they could get lost in the grass very easily, not knowing thier way around the outside world very well.

Will the Clocks become friends with human beings?
Yes, evetually i think they will. Really, they are the same kind of species, just different in appearence, and the way that they live. They could become great friends and the borrowers might not have to sneak around, and all of the other borrowing families could come back together and the borrowers' could reunite.

Why can’t Homily read or write?
When she was little, her parents didn’t teach her, and she didn’t have any books to practice with. So when Arrietty was old enough Homily made sure that Arrietty had books to read & a pen & paper to write with, because she knew it was an important skill to have.

How did the boy know where to lift the floorboards up to get to the Clocks’ house?
Arrietty might have told him the exact place that they lived, because she trusted im not to tell anyone else, Even though it ended up making them have to emigrate to a badgers' set.

Will Mrs. Driver find out about the Borrowers?
Yes, she didn't only find them, but also there house. She got an exterminater to get rid of them, which really upset the boy, because they had become his friends. But he knew that they had escaped by a hole in the wall underground, so he went back to his home town feeling relieved.

Does Mrs. May know what happened to the Clocks?
No, but she knew that some borrowers were living in the badgers' set just across the field, as her brother had told her, but she never actually saw saw them in real life. But she still took food and furniture for them.

How does Mrs. May know all about how the borrowers lived in the Badgers sets? Did she just make it up?
She doesn't know for sure about how they lived, but she had an idea of it, from her brothers stories.

Did Mrs. May find Arrietty’s diary, or a book with her brothers handwriting?
i think she did find Arrietty's diary, but thought it was her brothers handwriting because they learnt off each other, so wrote the same way.

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