Pg.1=Questions and symbols
Pg.2=Character info

Q#1-How does the first event in the book affect the rest of the storyexternal image pirate-ship.gif
In the start of the book there was a breif explanatin of a French army attacking the Black Joke (a ship) near a large elevated cliff . Jonathan spence was one of the only members of the crew to narrowly escape from the french on a tiny bully boat. The rest of the crew were not spared and had to face the harsh reality of war. Jonathan spence later bought land and rebuilt The Black Joke with his mate Gene. Jonathan got little sleep and though a hard workor, he drifted off from time to time. Before the big fishing trip he was caught wandering the village after curfew.

Before the accident Jonathan had great spirit, confidence and unbreakable pride that blew other away.The fact that a crew member from a top notch ship was breaking minor laws led me to think something. Why? After the accident Jonathan acted different than previosly described, like the accident had left on him a scar. Something may not be left on him but maybe taken away. The loss of a family member seems possible. People to date that lost loved one have also been know for absence of sleep or other abnormal activities.
external image blackjoke2_s_.jpg
Q#2-What point of veiw is the story told from?
The point of veiw the auther tells the book from is third person (limited). It was a great choice by the Auther because it enables him to tell charicters thoughts which adds alot of detail to the story.When reading as a kid stoys were told in the same perspective as this book enabeling more traditional thoughts to occor. It can also make suspence a great factor in the book witch has revoulutionized movie makeing history.

Q#3-Why did all the money in Black Hole suddenly disappear? The disappearance of money in Black Hole was a sudden and a very questionable event. A possibility is the 30’s depression. It is briefly mentioned in the book and it affected towns just like Black Hole is being affected. But it couldve been a citizen messing with the market. The Black Joke was out of service for a while and it is the towns main source of fish.

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Q#4-What are some similarities and differences between Kye and Peter(J spences young crew)?
In my eyes Kye is more stubborn yet more patient than Peter. Peter is very adventurous and high spirited yet but he is very clumsy.Kye contributes to helping out the Antagonist (Simon Barnes).

Q#5-How does the Black Joke compair to other fishing ships?
The Black Joke is far more sleek and fast than most fishing ships because it was origanally made to be the fastest pirate ship in the Atlantic. It is far more capable than other ships.

Q#6-How does Simon react to the trial of Jonathan Spence.?
Simon Barnes knew the plan from the beggining so he was not that suprised. All he did was try to get him in a deeper hole and keep the trust with Spence. Simon started the plan, ran the plan and went thrue with it but all it got him into was trouble in the end.

Shreded boat
-before the accident a toy vessel with a hole in it was found by Jonathan by sifting the sand for his wristband.
It is sort of an eary sighn of what is upcoming for him.

Can-Simon Barnes took his lucky can everywhere he went and I think this could've been a symbol of wrecklesness because that is often what alcohol causes.