Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Devin Sayers
Devin's Report
Q#1 Why did Huckleberry Finn dislike praying after he didnt get a fishing hook?
Q#2 how come Huckleberry Finn wanted to stay in a old stinky cabin then go back to a nice life with new clothes and a nice bed?
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Answer#1 He disliked praying because after he got fish line he thought if he prayed for a long time that he would get fishing hooks and then he gave it up.
Answer#2 He didnt want to go back because then he would have to pray, go to school,stop cursing,go to bed early, and he have to give up smoking his pipe.

So far after reading this far into the book i know that huckleberry finn's dad wants all his monney which is six thousand dollars but after that he takes huckle berry finn from his new nice home to a old cabin. huckkle berry finn runs away with a canoe that he found along the river side but he puts the sack full of corn meal with clothes on in the river so it can drift down and fool every one believe that he was murdered so he can get away but along his travels his finds a so called "niger" named Jim on and little island where huckleberry finn tries to hide from every one that is looking for him and then later Jim tellin huckleberry finn not to cause any trouble or bad luck but of course huckleberry finn didnt listen and he touched a snake skin which will cause bad luck later. Now in this part Jim and Huck camped on a mountain side and Jim got bit by a snake and Huck and Jim are trying to get help and Huck found a house and tried to be a girl didnt work like he wanted it to.Jim and Huck are down the river and also partly rich for they found a broke down ferry and found a gang on the old ferry. And of course bad luck hit them again by lossing their raft well bording the ferry.
the theme of this story is Adventurous beacuase Huck and his new friend Jim are always having fun or just always in trouble and on the run because they wreck havoc late at night. Now that Huck and Jim have out ran Hucks father and judge thatcher but huck still has fun from time to time. Huck and Jim have fun together. But that they are running from people that want or need the money. This setting takes places along the Illinois River and by St. Louis but it starts off in the Mississippi Valley where Huck and Tom grew up together where they first caused trouble and now that Huck is on the run he’s on the Mississippi river and this route takes Jim and Huck to Jims Freedom in the Cairo.