Soldier Boys

Dean Hughes

A book report by Dakota

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Question:Why does everyone want to be in the war so badly?

Answer:I think that everyone wanted in the war to prove themselves.
Like spence he was only in it because he saw his brother go and saw a chance for proving he wasn't "just the crooked tooth kid" as he put it. And you have to think what it would be like being a boy in World War II. Spence saw how the girls looked at the soldiers, so he quit school and he joined the army. In Germany if you didn't join the war you were crazy or a traitor as Dieter looked at it.

Question: Why are the Nazis so hard on each other?

Answer: In chapter 6 one of Dieter's friends trys to run off and hide only because he's scared but they find him and riddle him with bullets in front of the others just to prove a point. The least they could do is spare him and make him do the worst jobs imaginable. So I guess that they just want to have extreme disipline

Overveiw of the most crucial parts:

Since Chapter one Spence has completed training which included a forty foot tower a 250 foot tower and three plane jumps and the last one at night.His first plane jump was pretty good except the landing. And since D-Day the Canadians, British, and Americans have been pushing towards Germany. Dieter has become the leader of a troup of 180 boys and is digging trenches to fight the enemy if they get there.

Question: Why do the Germans think that they would prevail in the end? Almost like they had a just reason.

Question: Why do the Germans make it sound like the British and Americans are evil and are just in it for power, while try and surpress them?

Comments on the book: I think that the way the book is written is a very smart way giving two sides to the stories, the German side and the American side. To me this is a very good way to write this as it shows the thoughts, actions and stories of each side of the story. So really it's two books in one. I also like that it is very descritptive so you get the entire brutality of war.

Question: Does Spence ever meet Dieter on the battlefield?

What I think:

Dieter meets a man named Schaefer, a German soldier and he has a completely different attitude towards war. He wants peace as he doesn’t want to see anymore young boys die as a fatality of war. To me he seems like the only soldier that really understands war. He asked a very good question that got me thinking he asked "What would it be like without war?" I thought for a while and came to the conclusion that everyone would be safe to play outside without fear of being shot or captured. The world would be in paradise. From what I know of the war the soldiers in Germany I thought that they were all Super-soldiers as they only thought of victory and knew that they were going to win but in this story the soldiers actually thought that they were going to lose in the end. With the exception of the Hitler Youth. A while back Dieter thought that he should have reported his mother for telling him that if he went to join the army the Nazis would get him killed for sure. This showed me how clouded his vision of the perfect world was if he was willing to turn in his own mother. At first this book had not a lot of excitement but now that they are into the battlefield and their campaigns have started the excitement has just started as you don’t know what’s around the corner.

Themes of the book:

There are two themes in this book one is ambition and the other is disipline

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