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Marty Preston
Ray Preston
Mrs. Preston
Dara Lynn Preston
Becky Preston
Judd Travers
Doc Murphy
David Howard
Mrs. Howard
Mr. Howard

What is the boy’s name who found Judd Traver’s dog? Marty Preston.
How old is the boy? 11.
What does he look like? Blonde hair, 4'5".
What’s his parent’s names? Ray is the father and his mothers name wasn't used, she was referred to as "Ma".
Does he have any brothers or sisters? Marty has 2 sisters Dara Lynn who is 7 and Becky who is 3.
Does he play any sports? None that were apparent.
Where does he live? Up in the hills above Friendly, West Virginia.
Who is the main character? Marty
What is his attitude like? He is a friendly young boy who loves animals and enjoys to take walks along the river.


Chapter 1
-Found a dog while he was out for a walk
-He names the dog Shiloh
-Found out it is probably Judd Traver’s new hunting dog
-Leaves Shiloh outside because he isn’t allowed pets
Chapter 2
-Sneaks Shiloh food
-Discusses future jobs he would like to do
-Tells a story about Judd ripping off the clerk at the store
-Returns dog to Judd
Chapter 3
-Starts collecting cans for money to feed Shiloh (if he were to steal Shiloh)
-Marty can't stop thinking about Shiloh
-He does the mail route with his father
-Marty finds out how cruel Judd is to Shiloh (name from Judd "Git, scram, damnit")
Chapter 4
-Tells a story about the beagle he found 1 year ago with a hole in it's head (suspects Judd shot him for running away)
-Heard a noise and realised Shiloh had run away from Judd again
-Takes Shiloh up the hill behind the their house and builds a pen for him
-Bonds with Shiloh for a bit
Chapter 5
-Visits Shiloh
-Judd swings by and asks if anyone has seen his dog, Marty lies to him and says "No, I haven't seen him by the house"
Chapter 6
-Tells story of how he felt guilty for eating Becky's chocolate rabbit on Easter and how he feels keeping Shiloh a secret
-It rains and Marty is worried about Shiloh
-Makes plans to go to David Howard's
-Feeds Shiloh (bonds with him meanwhile)
-Judd gives Marty a ride to David's and they talk about Shiloh
Chapter 7
-David shows Marty his pet hermit crab
-Takes some scraps from dinner and puts them aside for Shiloh
-Goes home
-Goes out collecting cans
-Feeds Shiloh (bonds with him meanwhile)
Chapter 8
-Judd wants to hunt up on the Preston's hill, but the family won't allow it
-Feeds Shiloh, notices he is getting plumper (bonds with him meanwhile)
-Marty's ma makes plans for David to come over tomorrow
-Marty goes to feed Shiloh and play with him and Marty's mother catches him
Chapter 9
-Marty's ma is curious and asks questions
-She makes a promise not to tell Ray unless Marty sneaks off at night again
-Marty is thinking about running away
-Shiloh is crying out in the middle of the night
-Marty and his family rush up the hill towards the noise to see a big German Sheperd dog leaned over Shiloh with blood dripping from his mouth
-Marty begins to cry and has thoughts rushing through his head
Chapter 10
-They rush him to the doctor "Doc Murphy", but he doesn't know if he can do much to help Shiloh
-Doc is asking Marty questions about the dog
-Marty gets a talk from his dad
Chapter 11
-Marty's dad and mom have a fight about the dog
-Marty will have to return the dog after he is healed and he will also have to pay the doc's bill
-David Howard arrives
-They play together and David finds the pen and starts asking questions, Marty spills the beans to him
-Doc Murphy returns the dog to the Preston's (before Ray was off work)
-They family is happy to see him including David and they comfort him
Chapter 12
-Marty is trying to figure out a plan to buy Judd's dog.
-Shiloh is healing slowly.
-Marty goes out looking for a job.
-Judd makes a surprise visit to the Preston's and has already heard the news.
-Marty's ma asks how much the dog is but Judd shuts her down.
Chapter 13
-Marty is thinking about taking Judd to court, but then begins to think about how pointless it would be if Judd is just going to lie.
-Goes to David's to talk about getting Shiloh away from Judd for good (sending him to relatives in Ohio).
-Marty is getting emotional because it's Saturday and they have to return Shiloh on Sunday.
-Marty is wondering in the woods and finds a doe.
-Judd Traver's comes out of the bushes and walks to the doe, Marty is thinking to himself about the hunting seasons and realises that Judd just shot a doe out of season.
Chapter 14
-Marty comes out of the bushes and confronts Judd.
-Marty is telling Judd off.
-Judd and Marty swap threats.
-Marty puts Judd in his place when he tells Judd that if he can keep the dog he won't tell the warden and get Judd in trouble.
-Judd tells Marty he will have to do some work for the dog and Marty accepts the offer (dog costs $40, Judd pays $2 an hour, Marty needs to work 20 hours).
-Marty helps Judd carry the doe back to his place.
-Marty realises Judd's trying to scam him with the legal documents so makes him sign Shiloh instead of beagle.
-Marty thinks about ways Judd might try to backstab him and how he might have already fooled him by getting him away for long enough to clean up the doe tracks, etc.
Chapter 15
-Marty spills the beans to his parents (except for the doe part) but his dad is suspicious, but Marty makes up a lie.
-Dara Lynn and Becky get up and are all sad until Marty tells them the news.
-Marty goes to see Shiloh and celebrate with him.
-Marty goes to Judd's to complete his side of the bargain, soon realises the work is harder then he imagined.
-Marty and Judd begin talking while Marty does his labour.
-Judd laughs and says "Boy, you sure puttin' in a whole lot of work for nothin'." "You don't even know what's legal and what's not, do you? Well, you show a judge a paper without a witness's signature, he'll laugh you right out of the courthouse. Got to have somebody sign that he saw you strike the bargain."
-Marty continues to work, but he feels sick inside, Judd just keeps laughing and making fun of Marty
-Marty goes home and asks his parents about a witness but tries to keep the problem secret
-Marty heads to Judd's the next day to finish off his work, and stays a bit longer which shocks Judd, but Marty is only doing that so Judd won't try to do something to Shiloh
-Judd softens up a bit and Marty begins to talk to him about his dogs, they have a peaceful conversation
-Marty completes his 2 weeks of work for Judd and begins walking down the road when Judd says "Just a minute" and walks inside the trailer leaving Marty with thoughts scrambling through his head then Judd returns and hands Marty a dog's collar
-Marty thanks Judd and heads home to enjoy his perfect day


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