Robinson Crusoe by: Daniel Daphoe

report by: Chase

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Robinson Crusoe is a classic novel about the struggles of an Englishman who gets stranded all alone on an island with nothing but a knife a box of tobacco and a pipe. His voyage to get a little money turned into a persons worst nightmare. Stranded all alone Robinson must find a way to escape the deserted island and find away home. It shows a very effective theme. As you may know when your in a new situation one you've never been in before you change your outlook and personality. Which is the theme of this novel "Certain Circumstances Change a Person."

The first is when he gets on the island he felt great while he was on the boat on his way back to his home in England with a large amount of money. The wind blows him onto the island and suddenly his mood falls all the way to the worst feeling he'd ever felt defeat. The circumstance changes him because he thought he was one easy street but when he got stuck on the island he nothing left.

Next he finds Friday and he gains more hope and he finally has a companion to talk to and get help from. He changes from a quiet secluded man to a guy who can socialize and share thoughts he also becomes more aware of his surroundings. I'm sure Friday changes too he was probably less depended on as a savage and was most likely less social.

Finally when he escapes the island his mood changes from a man who is unsatisfied with his current living situations who finally has a way home and is now on top of the world. He doesn't care about not having any possessions or any money to return home with he's just glad to be able to get home. He brings his best friend Friday with him because he's just so nice.


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