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Robinson Crusoe

By Daniel Defoe

What inspired Robinson Crusoe to go out to sea and travel the world?

What inspired Robinson to travel the world, was his eagerness to learn and know more about the world.

Why did Robinson sell his partner that went along with him along the coast of Africa when he could have kept him as a slave to work in his tobacco fields?

Robinson Sold his partner because he was desperate for money and was not thinking ahead.

In what way does it affect Robinson when he is stranded?

It affects Robinson in that he can no longer talk or see another human. It also affects him in that he has to learn how to survive by himself in the wilderness and how to hunt, skin animals, chop down trees, and make pots out of earth and so on.

Why didn't Robinson catch and snare the goats for milk, cheese, and butter?

Robinson doesn't catch goats at the beginning because they are to fast for him to catch and because he doesn't dig any pits to catch them.

How Does Robinson adapt to the environment he is in?

Robinson adapts by learning new ways to do stuff by and by learning from his mistakes like planting and harvest corn, he has to build a wall around it to keep the wild animals away then he has to shoot the birds to keep them away.


Robinson Crusoe

1) Define a problem

You will want to form this as a question that you ask yourself as you read the book. Your question can, and should, change while you are reading the book. I want to see that change on this page.

2) Answer the problem

This is where you will have the opportunity to highlight your writing technique. It will be in the form of a five paragraph essay.

3) I need to understand

You can form this part of your report in question form as well, and it is intended for other student, and your teacher to give you feedback on your topic.

4) A better theory

Here you will come up with a more refined theory about the original question you have posed in the "Define a problem" section.

5) Putting your knowledge together

In this spot you are going to paste all of the help you recieved for the duration of this project.

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