Pride and Prejudice

By: Jane Austen
Report by: Aysia
Chapter Notes
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Aysia's Review

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"In nine cases out of ten, a woman had better show more affection than she feels." -Charlotte, pg. 20


1. Why is Elizabeth so judgemental towards people?
Elizabeth thinks that she knows people before she even talks to them.

Elizabeth is very guarded and tends to see the bad things in people before the good. She is a studier of character and finds intricate people the most amusing because they alter so much and there is more for her to study every day. Out of nowhere though, she finds a man she fancies. His name is Mr. Wickham and he is a very respectable man. But Elizabeth seems to be in a bit of a dilema. Some of the other characters in the novel believe that Mr. Wickham is a bad man because there seems to be some form of disagreement between him and Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth doesn't really care about the disagreement, she's just trying to get the real story straight. She doesn't know who to believe, and her judgement is starting to fail her. Elizabeth thinks quite highly of Mr. Wickham but Mr. Darcy is starting to notice her more and she is stuck inbetween. Who will she choose?

2. Why does Mr. and Mrs. Bennet choose favourites between their daughters?
Elizabeth is Mr. Bennet's favourite and Jane is Mrs. Bennet's favourite. Why does Mr. and Mrs. Bennet choose to do that to their daughters?

I think that the parents choose favourites only because they think they have the most potential for a good marriage. Their definition of potential is being clever, witty and above all, beautiful. I think it's wrong for them to have favourites because they are excluding their other children and putting more effort into their favourites finding good husbands.

3. Why is Darcy so fowl to everyone and everything around him?
Darcy thinks everything is ugly or irritating, why is that?

The characters in the novel believe that Mr. Darcy is so irritable because he has lots of pride in himself. He thinks that he is above other people and normal people aren't worth socialing with. The women in the novel believe it is very rude of him and he should give everyone a chance to socialize with him. Miss Lucas however thinks that Mr. Darcy has the right to be proud. As she says in the novel:"One cannot wonder that so very fine a young man, with family, fortune, everything in his favour, should think highly of himself. If I may so express it, he has a right to be proud"-pg 18. But has this pride ever done him any good? Well some characters in the novel believe it has. It has been said that his pride has led him to be liberal and generous causing him to give his money freely, and relieve the poor. Mr. Darcy has family pride because he was proud of who his successful father was. He also has brotherly pride in the sense that it makes him a very kind and careful gaurdian of his sister Miss Darcy. Mr. Darcy can be nice where he chooses, if he thinks it's worth his while. Maybe there is a heart behind this tin man, but in my opinion, Mr. Darcy needs to lighten up.