one flew over the cuckoos nest
ken Kesey

table of contents:
page one=notes and rough copy
page two=final draft

why is "the big nurse" so strict and dictator like?
is the fog a metaphore or is it real? if a metaphore, what is it a metaphore for?
why doesn't anyone on the ward laugh?
why does Mcmurphy fight authority?
5 paragraphs
from chiefs point of view they get "fogged" a couple of times in the story
chief says the hide in the fog and are safe in it (i think mataphore for avoiding trouble)
says other chronics have lost them self in the fog (i think mataphore for just giving up on recovery)
chief says that mcmurphy trys to take them out of the fog and into the light where theyare an easy target (i think metaphore for trying to get them to fight back)
says that the aides and nurses searrch for them in the fog and if they are foud they get taken to the "shock shop" a place that sends volts of electricity through the persons head
says that they wander around in the fog

question: is the fog a metaphore or is it real? if a metaphore, what is it a metaphore for?

intro: in Ken Kesey's novel, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, takes place in an asylum ward, run by a strict nurse (Ms.ratched). it is into this strict atmosphere that a gambling, fighting, and rebelious convict comes to. his name is McMurphy. he teases the authority of the big nurse, dispairs at how the other patients are so timid and whipped. he tries to inspire the other patients to fight back, and in the end fights a silent battle with the big nurse which he ends up losing.

1st paragraph: the story is told from the point of view of the "chief", who is a little crazy. he thinks that everything is mechanical. he says that before McMurohy came they got "fogged" alot. the "fogging was were the nurse and aides would use an old military fog machine to fill all the rooms the patients are in with fog (acording to chief). i think that the fog is a metaphore. Chief says that they are safe in the fog, cause the nurse and the aides can't find them in it if they stay quiet, and dont draw attention. i think that this is a metaphore for not making trouble, and for avoiding trouble. he also mentions that some other patients get "lost" in the fog. in my oppinion this is making a refference to the fact that the ones that get "lost" are chronics, and have given up on recovery.

2nd paragraph: when McMurphy comes on scene, chief starts mentioning the fog alot more than he did. he says that McMurphy tries to take the patients out of the "fog", and that it is another battle for him (McMurphy). Most of the patients have been in the fog for awhile, and are scared to come out. the patients consider them selves safe in the fog, and that when they come out of the fog they present an easier target for the aides and nurse. i think that all of this is a mataphore for McMurphy trying to start a silent rebellion against the authorities.

3rd paragraph: the chif says that when McMurphy is on top in his desperate struggle against the Big Nurse, that the fog machine is broken. he says that when McMurphy is winning they are in control, and they don't feel afraid. but when he is losing in his battle that they are terrified, and the fog comes in thick. i think that this is a metaphor to the fact that the patients are on top of the world when McMurphy is doing good, but when he starts losing that they are scared he will lose for good and things will go back to how they were. one patient actually comits suicide when he gets taken to disturbed ward after McMurphy didn't back him up. the patient was so upset and scared that McMucrphy had lost for good, and was just going to be one of the patients that just didn't care.

conclusion: McMurphy ends up taking the patients that can pay to on a fishing trip, and holds a party in the ward. they all get tanked off of cough sirup and vodka that was smuggeled in by two girls that McMurphy knows. one of the patients sleeps with on of the girls, and the other one stays in the ward. the ward is left in a mess, and the night aide who feels sorry for the patients is fired for allowing the party. the patient who slept with the girl is told that his mother (his ony family, and person who he doesn't want to disappoint) will have to be informed of the insident, and minutes later comits suicide. the big nurse blames this on McMurphy, who then attacks her. he is sent away for awhile, and when he returns it turns out he has had a lobotomy. chief knows that he will be tame after that, and also knows that McMurphy wouldn't want that. so he kills him. chief puts a huge water control panel through the wall, and escapes.