Murder on the Orient Express

By: Toni


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Why are some of the characters really relaxed when the murder takes place?

Some of the Characters are calm when the murder takes place because they are used to murders. M. Poroit for example is a detective so when M. Ratchett dies he is use to death so he stays calm. M. Hubbard on the other hand is not use to death, and the thought of the murderer staying with them rattles her. Some of the characters suchas Mr. Hardman, who is a secret detective hired to protect M. Ratchett, was calm when Ratchett died because it was no surprize to him. Mr. Hardman was hired to protect M. Ratchett from a murderer (great job he did) so when he died he wasn't surprized.

Why does the author right in 3rd person?

Agatha Christie wrights in 3rd person because it makes you feel as thought you are there, in the book. You are able to picture the characters personalities, and get to know what they are like. If the story was written as thought the narrator was talking then if would seem like you were just reading a story; however, when a story is written in 3rd person you really feel like you are one of the characters.

Who is the women in the red scarlet kimono?

The women in the scarlet kimono is Count Adrenyi, it was her niece that was killed by M. Ratchett. She didn't kill Ratchett; however she was in on it.


M. Hercule Poirot- A detective from America
M. Bouc- M. Poirot's friend, he's helping to solve the murder
M. Samuel Edward Ratchett- The man that gets murderd, real name Casseti murderer and kidnapper from America
Hector Macqueen- M. Ratchett's secritary
Hildegarde Schmidt- Mary Debenham's lady's-maid
Greta Ohlsson- Swidish lady
Mary Debenham- A very proper german lady
Mrs. Hubbard- An American who gave Poirot a lot of information regarding the murder
Count Adrenyi- A proper English man, married to Countess Adrenyi
Countess Adrenyi- Count Adrenyi's wife
Princess Dragomiroff- A Russian princess
Colonel Arbuthnot- An American miltary man
Antonio Foscarelli- American man, Italian by birth
Mr. Hardman- A private detective from New York, hired to protect Ratchett