essaystory by William Golding
Madison b.

So far this book has been about a group of boys stuck on an island and they are trying to survive the one boys thinks his dad will come and save him while others think they will die on the island.
Question: Where are the other kids and the adults?
some of the characters that ive been introduced to are ralf piggy and the fair boy
question:what is on top of the mountain and how are they going to get food. The boy saw a boar but they have to make weapons?
Notes:the kids have all decided to go to the top of the mountain and to live up there where they can see everything and are more safe while piggy thinks that his dad will still save him in a little while and that he will know were he is.
ralph has learned how to blow the conch shell and will try to use it as a warning and as a signal they also are all trying to make a fire.
Setting:an island somwhere tropical island the boys have nothing they have been there for a day.
characters:ralf, piggy and jack those are the main characters there are a few other characters but they are not mentioned very much.
Question:When do they all eat piggy???

external image Pict29.jpgpiggy external image Ralph.jpgRalf

the kids in this book are going through a hard time because they have to make a lot of hard decitions fast to survive this island and its many obstacles. they all rely on eachother to get themselves off this island.
the boys have made some little hut and that will help them survive however they have not had any help from the other people in the camp and piggy is getting on there nerves.

this story has alot of meaning there are many thing that the boys go through like how they all are different peopel and the all want o have there own way. the island is like a test to see if they can do this all get off the island safe and sound however the boys are having lots of problems like they cant all work together they all spend there time mad at each other and nothing get done especialy piggy he does nothing right the boys are going to have to work together to get off this island.