Jack London: A
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Why does Jack London's books always revolve around survival of the fittest and the hatred of everyone by the main character??

Information on Jack London: Jack London writes with a certain style that makes his books just that much better. When he writes he writes the way we speak to emphisize each person's accent instead of having desribed to you like alot of writers tend to do. Even though he has good things about his writing style he also has down falls like all his books semm to revolve around lonelyness, sorrow, and survival. Jack London was born on January 12, 1876 formerly known as John Griffith Chaney and died on November 22, 1916. He wrote over fifty books in his life and some of his most famous are Call of the Wild, Whiter Fang, The Sea Wolf, THe Iron Heel, and Martin Eden. Because of this he was one of the first american writers to make a huge financial profit off novels. After many troubles and hardships Jack finaly came out with his first hit novel for a newspaper article called Call of the Wild. Call of the wild made him $2,500 which is the equivelent to $75,000 now days. Suddenly he was off to a great start new start.
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