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I Capture The Castle is about a teenage girl,named Cassandra, living in an old castle with her possibly insane father, sister, stepmother, housekeeper, and brother. I Capture Castle is written as Cassandra's journal, it shows all the ups and downs of living in the late 1800's and all the ins and outs of falling in love. The writing is beautiful, poetic, distinctive and has raised a lot of questions and topics for me to write about.The begginings starts off kind of boring but the book gets better and it raises alot of questions for the reader. The writing is excellent , the storyline is brilliant, the characters are memorable, the setting is unique and the wisdom behind the story is breathtaking. You will not be bored or uninterested with this story.
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"Everything he said about Simmons feelings for Rose was such agony that I suddenly knew it wasn't only the luxury of being in love that have been buoying me up;deep down, in some vague, mixed way i have been letting myself hope that he didn't really care for her, that it was me he loved and that kissing me had made him realize it." pg 243
"Why is it suddenly so wicked? You always knew I'd marry him wether I loved him or not-and you helped me all you could without ever being sure if I was in love with him."pg 295
"Things like that happen when your in love with the wrong person. Worse things. Things you can never forgive yourself for."pg206
"When Steven said Simon's name, I saw Simons face. I saw it as it had looked in the corridoor off the bathroom, tired and rather pale. I saw the black hair growing in peaks on his forehaed, the eyebrows going up in the corners, the small lines at the sides of his mouth. When he first shaved his beard I thought he was quite handsome, but that was only because he looked so much younger and so much less odd; I know now that he isn't handsome--compared with Stephens looks he isn't anything at all.
And yet as my eyes turned to Stpehen facing the sunrise, from Simon in the darkness in my mind, it was as if Simon's had been the living face and Stephens was the one I was imagining-or a photograph, a painting, something beautiful but not really alive for me. My whole heart was full of Simon that even the pity for Stephen wasn't quite real- it was only soemthing I ought to feel, more from my head than my heart. And I knew I ought to pity him all the more because I could pity him so little."pg 308
"For now I knew that I had been stuffing myself up with a silly fairytale, that I could never mean to him what Rose meant.I think I knew it when I watched his face as he listened to Rose singing , and then more and more, as he talked about the whole wretched business- not angrily or bitterly, but quietly and never saying a word against Rose. But most of all I knew it because of the change in myself.Perhaps watching someone you love suffer can teach you even more than suffering yourself can.
Long before we got back to the castle, with all my heart for my and for my own hearts ease as well as his, I would have given her back to him if I could."pg351
"A mist is rolling over the fields. Why is summer mist romantic and autumn mist just sad?
There was a mist on Midsummer Eve, mist when we drove into the dawn.
He said he would come back.
Only margin left to write now. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you." pg364
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Is there a difference between insanity or brilliance?

Mr.Mortmain is a famously acclaimed writer who wrote a worldwide popular book called "Jacob Wrestling". The book was a lovely mix of old literature, new literature and poetry combined to create a great read. Everyone who read this book thought he was a brilliant man and respected him thoroughly. He traveled all over the world lecturing on his book, however once he had been lecturing on his book for six months he came home and stayed at his house for awhile. While he was at home he got into a fight with his neighbor and injured him. He was then sent to jail for three months. Once he was released from jail he packed up his family and moved his three children, and wife, out to a countryside of complete isolation in a beautiful but ancient castle on the marshy plains of England. While he was in the castle he started to spend less and less time with his family and more time in his gateroom staring into space and doing nothing more than reading the occasional book and eating. After awhile his first wife dies of cancer and he then marries a beautiful young painter model. Mr.Mortmain has not worked on a book or lectured since "Jacob Wrestling" he also has not bothered to get another job. His new wife thinks he's brilliant and that he's just waiting for the right insperation to start a sequel to his last book or to write a new book in general . His daughters think he's completely insane. Is it possible that insanity and brilliance are the same thing?

Why do the Mortmains live in a giant isolated castle in outskirts of a place called Godsend?
The Mortmains live in the castle because Mr.Mortmain moved all his family there after he saw the place while driving in his car with his old wife and the kids when they wre younger and took, a liking to the isolation and beauty of the place. It was also around that time that he lost his mind so that could very well be the reason aswell.

Who wrote such a I Capture The Castle?
Dodie Smith wrote this book along with several other books, and screenplays, including a hundred and one Dalmations.She was a talented writer and several of her books have been made into movies.

Was this book made into a movie?
This book was made into what was called the best romatic movie of the year. I have yet to see it but all of my pictures on the website are from the movie and it looks really good.

Why does Simmon love Rose even though she clearly is only using him for his estate and money?
Simmon can't help it. Blame it on cupid, love makes a person blind. Simmon doesn't want to see that Rose doesn't love him back so he kids himself by believing that after the wedding she will truly love him. Even Rose thinks she does in the begginning, but she just loved all his possesions but he went on to love her blindly even after she left him for his best friend.