Report by Chelsea

Great Expectations -Charles Dickens

Question 1
The boy pirrip ( also known as pip ) Is a orphan with his sister Mrs Joe Gargery and im curious how is parents died, or if there ever was a relationship between them.

This book was published in 1860 and the book took place in London, when pip met a man when he was over his mother and fathers tomb when A strange man threatened him to steal a file and a wittles.
Pip so far is confused in the book he has stole food from his own sister and her husband, to give food to the strange man that he met so he will not hurt or be mad at him for not stealing a file and wittles yet. Later on in the book Joe trys to give advice to pip and tries to give him confidence and tells him that he will be there for him if he needs anything, just becuase his parents left him dosnt mean everyone els will.

Question 2
Why does the man want the file so badly, what is its importance in the story

in chapter 24 pip meets up with the man once again but we brings along john wich i find is strange, but i also relaized that pip relates to john from the fact that he dosnt have his parents and he dosnt related to his sister at all becuase she seems to have a anger problem and seems to take alot of her stress out on pip.

My Report
This story is about a orphan isnt an everyday story, Pip ( pirrip ) was left with his sister who was married to joe when his parents died, he visted there tombs it was like everyother time until a escaped convict stumbed across pip, he was angered and thretend pip to get im files and wittles. Pip is invited to get paid to work for Miss Havisham. Pip falls in love with Miss Havisham's ward Estella, who torments him with Miss Havisham's approval. Off to London pip becomes a gentleman and is wondering why he is always seems so unhappy.

Years later, Pip receives word that he has come into a fortune from an unknown benefactor He comes to the idea that it is Miss Havisham, and keeps his own opinion through most of the book. It is not until after his convict returns to London, having amassed a fortune in Australia, that Pip finds who his benefactor was. Not only that, but he finds that the convict happends Estella's father. Pip seems to have no self confidence, wich i think he needs to build up when he was in London he didnt know what to do with him self for the first few days becuase he is so use to just taking orders over and over again.

I think that it isnt Pips natural personailty to just take orders, and to stay in the background. Shure he has been brought up that way since his parents passed away, and he has to stay with his sister and her husband that never understood the way he thought. In the issue of the Atlantic Monthly they stated " Pip, the hero, from whose mind the whole representation takes its form and color, is admirably delineated throughout. Weak, dreamy, amiable, apprehensive, aspiring and inefficient"

His love for Estella keeps on growing when he has no choice but to leave her to go to london, and he relizes how much he really misses her at the end of the book i found out he dosnt have a chance to marry her, but i found there are many ending to this book from reading the reveiws. In the final parts of the book that i read, the convict is captured, injured, and ends up dieing, therefore his fortune was taken by the government leaving Pip broke so he has no choice but to return back to his poverty never leaving what he left behind of what he became in London, and how he became a gentleman Just for Estella.