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by Mary Shelley

(the actual report)

A great tale of love, obsession, and revenge is portrayed in the novel Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley, first published in 1818. At the age of 13, Victor Frankenstein was inspired to discover the secrets of life in death by a book he read by Cornelius Agrippa. He later departed his hometown of Geneva to study sciences at a university a in Germany. This is where he created the most dreaded monster known to man. On the night his experiment took life, Victor fled to his hometown and never saw his dreaded creation for years. The daemon he created,wandered, searched and killed until he found his maker. Once they again met, the beast convinced Victor to create another monster of his kind, so he could never feel loneliness again. This creation swore to Victor that he would never be seen to man again if Victor would give birth to his dreams. “My life will flow quietly away, and in my dying moments I shall not curse my maker.” (p. 185) With that being said, Victor promised to fulfill his fiend’s vision.

Victor's obsession with creating intelligant life overcame what initially mattered to him. He was blind to the chaos that was to become of the monster he was creating. This obsession took over Victor like a tempest, hurling him into unawareness until his task was complete. At the time, it seemed like a harmless idea, but he had no clue what was to come from this mistake. Because of his curiosity, Victor had managed to destroy his loved ones lives towards the latter of the novel.
His obsession caused death and with no one else to blame but himself and the dreadful being he masterminded, Victor became a victim of revenge.

In the end, revenge was the conclusion to this book which destroyed both the creator and his experiment. The inconsideritness Victor and the beast both felt took over their lives, which turned into one massive game. This game was to put their opponent to misery. They had both wanted the same thing in life, but because of their selfishness, no one won the horrid battle.

This novel is a great tale of love, which depicts an intelligant man fighting for his life and the lives' of others after a curious creation went terribely wrong. Victor Frankenstein and his monster may have had more in common than they had perceived. Both of them sacrificed their own lives numerous times for the emotion of love. No matter your height or skin colour or physical characteristics, everyone can feel love and everyone deserves to be loved. The being that Frankenstein created only wanted to feel one thing, and that one thing was to feel loved, and accepted regardless of his figure.

The book Frankenstein was well written, although some parts were drab, it really made me think about life. I find it quite ironic how the book, written over 2 centuries ago, mentions poverty and today poverty is still a problem in our society, which I feel is in great demand to be solved. We are all different, but that doesn't lessen our rights as a person just like the being that Victor created. He may have been different but he deserved the same treatment just as everyone else. I beleive this is one of the many messages provided in this fantastic novel.