Table of Contents
Landon's Report
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
by C.S. Lewis
Is there a certain reason why the wardrobe is the only object in that room, is this because the professor knows something of this wardrobe?
The wardrobe is the doorway to Narnia-does the professor know this?
I think he does because early on in the book he didn't doubt that Lucy had gone into Narnia.
How does everyone in Narnia know who the children's parents are?
I believe that when Adam and Eve were younger they went into Narnia and then left to have their children and that is why everyone knows the children.
Why does time go by so much quicker in the land of Narnia?
I think that this happens so that whenever you enter Narnia you dont lose any time in your own world.
Is there a reason for why the children are only able to get into Narnia on a rainy day?
I believe that Narnia is only accessible on rainy days so that there is always something to do at the "mansion".


Primary Characters
Peter, Lucy, Susan, Edmund, The White Witch
Secondary Characters
Aslan, The Professor, Mr and Mrs Beaver, Tumnus, The Dwarf