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Question: Will Wilbur like his new friend Charlotte?
Answer: Wilbur is little pig that is two month old. He lived with Fern for two month, and that's all the friend he has. After he got move to Fern's uncle's farm, he got bored. There is nothing to do there, all he does is eat and play around. So he wanted a friends to play with. He asked everbody to be his friend, but nobody want's to. Then one day, he heard a vioce, and it said that it wants to be his friend. The next day, he woke up and found he's friend, and it's a spider named Charlotte. He was very happy that he had a friend. They talked, then he found out that Charlotte drinks blood for food, and he don't like that. But even though Charlotte drinks blood for food, but inside of her is very nice. Also Wilbur never had a friend, so I think he will like Charlotte.

Question: When Lurvy and Mr.Zuckerman went to feed the pig, they saw a sign on a spider web. It says "Some Pig". So they called everyone to come and look at it. What will happen next?
Answer: When Wilbur was talking to the goose, the goose told him that they are going to kill Wilbur around Christmas time. Then Wilbur is very sad and scared, because he doesn't want to die. He have a good life, play everyday, and food is given to him all the time. So, the next day, Charlotte made a web that says "Some Pig". I think she made that so people can see it and think WIlbur is unusual, then he wouldn't get killed anymore. Wilbur might be famous and everyone will know him.

Question: Will Wilbur get killed?
Answer: As soon as Wilbur heard that he was going to be killed, he was very sad. His life is very good, he doesn't want to die. But then Charlotte made a web that says "Some Pig", and it suprises everybody. Now everyone thinks Wilbur is a unusual pig, and they come from miles away just to see Wilbur. He became famous in one night, and Mr.Zuckerman takes care of him even better. He feeds him more food and put all his attention on him. I think he won't be killed anymore, Mr.Zuckerman will keep him and take good care of him.

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