By Kelsa Cross

Table of Contents: Pg.1 Main Characters and Poem, Pg.2 About the Book and Questions, Pg.3 Symbols and Questions, Pg.4 Questions, The Theme, and Why I Chose the Book, Pg.5 Everything We Learned, Pg.5 Pig Pictures!


Main Characters: The main character of this novel is called Wilbur. Wilbur is a pig that lives on a farm and has a great life with an loving caretaker named Fern, but one day Wilbur's life is turned upside down when Fern is forced to sell Wilbur because he is starting to eat far too much food.From then on Wilbur's life is turned upside down from having a great life with friends to being lonely and having no friends at all. Great Traits: Terrific, Some Pig, and Humble.

Charlotte: Charlotte is a very sweet and kind spider, she was the only one who be-friended Wilbur when he had no one else to be friends with. To tell you the truth Charlotte is the one who saved Wilbur's life in the first place, if it wasn't for her he would already be chopped bacon right now,and even though Charlotte has died Wilbur still remembers how she saved his life and was his first true friend at his new farm. Great Traits: Loyal, Trustworthy, and smart.

Fern: Although Wilbur only lived with fern for a short period of time he will always remember the love that she has shown him.Fern is a loving person who would do anything for someone that she loves,when Wilbur fist moved to the new farm with Mr. and Mrs. Zuckerman Fern visited him every single day and just kept him company even though she wasn't allowed in his pen.Fern is all the right things that anyone would look for in a friend and Wilbur is lucky to have her as one and they both know that even if she doesn't visit him as often as she could she will always love him and she knows that he will always love her. Great Traits: Loving, Compassionate, and a great Friend.

Templeton: Templeton, like all other rats is a very sneaky rat indeed he was among one other the few other animals who later became friends with Wilbur after he had met Charlotte. Templeton always has his mind on food and loves to pig out whenever he has a chance and is also very outspoken at times when he probably shouldn't be, but the good part is that he means well.Great Traits: Always around, Understanding, and Fun.

Mr. and Mrs. Zuckerman: Mr. and Mrs. Zuckerman are the people that Wilbur got sold too, at first Wilbur thought that it was the worst place to live because he wasn't with Fern but as time went on he discovered that the Zuckerman's where actually not bad people at all, in fact he grew to love them too.Great Traits: Responsible, honest, and good people.

Setting: The settings for this novel is on a farm set way back in the olden days.
Pages:There are approximately 184 pages in this book.

E.B. White: E.B White was born in mount Vernon, New York City. He graduated from Cornell university. He is a very big favorite by the New York times magazine.He was awarded the 1970 Lara Ingalls Wilder Medal for his Children's books Stuart Little and Charlotte's Web, and his third book for children The Trumpet Of The Swan, also won several awards.The author of seventeen books of prose and poetry, Mr. White received many literary honors. In 1973 he was voted to the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Charlotte's Poem

"Sleep sleep, my love, my only

Deep, deep in the dung and the dark;

Be not afraid and be not lonely!

This is the hour when frogs and thrushes

Praise the world from the woods and the rushes.

Rest from care, my one my only,

Deep in the dung and the dark!"

Written by E.B. White.