Bloody Jack

title_book_cover.jpgreviewed by Clinton
Bloody Jack Critique
Clinton's Report

Will the crew aboard the ship called the Dolphin figure out that who they know as Jacky Faber is actually a girl and not a young boy and does the title of the book mean anything?

Mary "Jacky" Faber was living a normal life until one unfortunate day her family was taken away from her and was killed. Mary was left on the streets to fend for herself and no where to go. When she got a bit older she joined a group of people that spent their days begging for food and money. Mary's best friend out of her group was a teenage boy that named Charlie. Mary went out looking for Charlie one night because he was late for when the group normally has dinner. Earlier that day Charlie had mouthed off the person who they work for named Muck. As Mary was walking through an alley she stumbled over something that was wet and to some degree sticky. Her worst nightmare came true. She had stumbled over Charlies motionless body. When it finally hit her about what had happened to Charlie she got away from him and ran to shore

She walked along shore barely eating for what she thought was about a week. During her time walking along shore she had cut her hair as close to her head as she could so that she would have the appearance of a young boy. Still walking along shore she noticed a ship named the Dolphin was ready to leave shore and was taking men aboard . The ship needed six shipboys and the captain was asking a large crowd of boys what they could do that made them worthy to board the ship. Two other boys told their talents and Mary wanting to go to sea quickly spoke up and said that she could read. The other boys in the group snickered and laughed at her saying why would they need a ship boy that could read but the captain called her up to board. As she got on she had to make up a name for herself because they had to write down everybodys name who boarded the ship and girls were not allowed on this ship. Mary called herself Jacky.

The dolphins purpose was to attack pirate ships and steal the treasures that the pirates had stolen. After several weeks of training the captain declared that they were ready to attack their first pirate ship. During this time Jacky had taken a liking to one of the ship boys named Jaimy who constantly bragged that he would be the first person to cross onto the pirates ship when they finally got to attack one . A couple days pass and they finally meet up with a pirate ship. Jaimy was a man of his word and was the first one to get on the pirates ship. Jacky followed for she did not want anything to happen to Jaimy. As she was following Jaimy she saw a pistol on the ground and immedietely picked it up. As she saw caught up to him a pirate was about to kill Jaimy with his sword but without hesitating Jacky shot him in the chest. From then on she was known as Bloody Jack, hense the title of the book.

After attacking another pirate ship the Dolphin recieved substancial damage and recieved a large hole in the front of the ship. One of the ship boys named Tink had been making a kite that would lift Jacky into the air for she is the smallest. He had made the kite and put her into it to get up really high to see if she could see any other islands. When she reached the maximum height that the rope would extend to she then looked around for any islands but she couldnt see anything. Suddenly a strong gust of wind violently tugged her back and the tree she was tied to ripped out of the sand it was planted in. As she drifted away she feared that she would die drowning but she thought it was at least better then being hung which would have happened if they found out she was a girl. A few hours later the wind started to die down and she was going back towards the water. To her relief she saw an island very close by.

Mary landed on that island got the kite off of her and set out to gather wood for a fire to signal her shipmates. After she let out the signal fire she looked in the direction of where she thought she came from. To her amazement she saw her fire signal being returned by theirs. The next day she could see the sail of a ship that her shipmates had made and was ecstatic. Then to her dismay she saw that the pirate ship they once attacked had already gotten to her island and were coming after her. After being captured she was knocked out and she later woke up with her hands tied behind her back. She was put up on a keg and a noose was put around her neck. The pirate kicked the keg out and the noose wrapped itself around her neck tighter and she was choking. She quickley passed out. She woke up with a fellow ship mate named Liam pushing on her chest trying to revive her. While they were trying to revive her is when they figured out what they thought was a ships boy was actually a girl. The captain was not going to hang her because the got the pirates treasure and he had an amazing amount of gold, silver, and jewels. He was however sending her to a school at their next port. As she was getting off she tried to keep her head high and not cry because she doughted that she would ever see her friends again. As soon as she got off the ship left and she was off to school.