Biography of a Grizzly
By: Ernest Thompson Setton
Reviewed By: Matt

Matt's Report`
Matt's Notes


Wahb: The main character in the book, had a traumatic experience in his youth causing him to feel like an outcast. In the beginning of the book Wahb feels sorry for himself all the time and thinks the world is against him. He quickly learns using the skills his mother taught him how to fend for himself in the wild and that life isn't as hard as it seems.

Mother Grizzly: You don't know much about this character as she is killed early on in the book. She is a static, kind, caring, protective mother figure. She teaches her cubs some of what they need to know about life and living by themselves but is struck down in her prime leaving only Wahb alive to venture out on his own.

Wahb's Brothers and Sisters: It doesn't say much about them, except that Wahb and them play alot in their cubhood, find food with their mother and then they are killed alongside their mother.

Baldy: A very young Roachback Bear who comes to the Graybull area where Wahb resides and tricks Wahb into thinking he is a massive bear looking for a challenge. He is actually a clever adolescent bear but he stands on logs and rocks to make his marks higher up than Wahb’s on his territory signs trying to scare Wahb out of the area.

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Setting: The wildest part of Little Piney and Graybull areas in the Southern United States.

Q #1: How did the traumatic experience in Wahb's youth cause his life to unfold the way it did?

Wahb's life was a myriad of experiences, from the tragic accident in his youth to the thunderous battles of his prime. Seeing as Wahb's family was killed when he was young he had a rough childhood and life in general. Wahb never had any friends nor did he meet a Wife-bear, this caused him to be very lonely and the story portrays him that way very well. The death of Wahb's family caused most the events in his life to happen the way they did and if his family hadn't of gotten killed, then his life would've been very different than the one he had.

Q #2: Why is Wahb such a territorial bear?

A # 2: Wahb is such a territorial bear, because when he was young he had to run and hide from everyone and everything because he had no family to protect him. So when he grows up and has so many of his "territory signs" it's because he wants to show all the other creatures of the forest just how big, strong and fearless he is now and how they should now stay away from him instead of the other way around when he was a small cub.

Q #3: After Wahbs mother is killed, he seemingly gets bullied by many of the creatures in the wild and remembers them later on in the book so he can get even with them. Why is that?

A #3: Later on in Wahb's life, when he is an enormous full-grown bear, he returns to where he grew up to get even with the animals that gave him a hard time when he was alone as a cub. He does this because he thinks getting even with them will ease the pain of growing up alone, not having a family and feeling so bad about everything that happened when he was a young.