About the Book
Notes Et Quotes

Ballet Shoes

By Noel Sreatfield


Question: What era does the book take place?
Well, on page 45 it says that they went home on a bus, so i am assuming that it takes place after the year 1826, the year in which the bus first started running.
Question: Why is the book called ballet shoes?
It is called Ballet Shoes because Great Uncle Matthew [Or G.UM] Gives one of the three adopted Girls named Posy a pair of ballet shoes from her biological mother. It is also called Ballet Shoes because all three girls are given the opportuinty to go to a dance school for free.
Question: How come all the children get free schooling and dance lessons?
They all get free schooling and dance lessons because Pauline told Dr. Jakes how she loves poetry and how Garnie has to teach Posy "Baby" stuff and Pauline and Petrova cannot learn new things since Garnie is too busy with Posy.
Question: Why doesent Nana object to dance lessons for the girls?
She does not object because she feels that Posy had the makings of a real dancer, of course since she did come with from her biological mother. Hence the title of the book.
Question: How did Sylvia afford all those watches?
Sylvia had a gold watch that was her fathers before he died and she had no use for it so she sold it and bought the girls' watches.
Question: Why did Pauline and Petrova get picked to be Tyltyl and Myltyl?
They got picked because the dance performance needed 2 small girls to be Tyltyl and Myltyl and Pauline is small and Petrova is her sister so they thought the two girls would work good together.

"I Would have thought that a person who taught literature was too grand for it"
By this quote it is obvious that the oldest girl of the three thinks that someone who teaches how to read would be too good to read books such as Peter Rabbit since they are begginers books.

"Like the stork in the fairytale. He very nearly did bring us back in his beak"
This quote is saying that if it werent for Matthew then the girls would most likely be orphaned and be living on the streets or in orphanages. or quite possibly dead.

"So in a way, they didn't cost anything at all"
This quote is pointing out that since Sylvia bought the watches with the money from selling her fathers watch, it didnt cost her anything except the loss of something that was her fathers.


Great Uncle Matthew [or G.U.M as he is often refered to]
Matthew is the man that brought Pauline, Petrova and Posy to live with Nana and Sylvia.
Matthew's great neice. The main Caretaker of the three girls.
Nana is Sylvia's nurse. Well, she was her nurse when she was a child. She now helps care for the three young girls.
Pauline is the first girl that Matthew adopted for Sylvia. She was sort of Sylvia's present from went G.U.M went on a voyage.
Petrova is the second girl that Matthew adopted for Sylvia. She Is from Russia.
Posy Is the third and last girl that was adopted. Her father died and her mother is a dancer. Posy is the one who was given the ballet shoes.

Posy is the only girl with red hair
- The girls call Sylvia "Garnie"
- The girls view Matthew as the "Stork from a fairytale"
- Petrova is from Russia
- Posy was not abandoned. Her mother could simply not afford to have a child after her husband died.