Diary of Anne Frank

By Kendra

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Character List

Anne Frank
Edith Frank
Otto Frank
Miep Gies
Mr. Van Daan
Mrs. Van Daan
Mr. Koophuis
Peter Van Daan
Albert Dussel

Anne with family members


The story takes place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in from June 12, 1942- August 1, 1994.



Is Anne going to die?

After nine months in a concentration camp, Anne dies of Typhus.

Are the residents of the annex going to have to go to a concentration camp? What is going to happen at the concentration camps?

On August 4th 1944, the German Police found and arrested the residents of the annex. They were taken to Gepasto headquarters where they were interrogated and held over night. On August 5th, they were transferred to the Huis van Bewaring (House of Detention), an overcrowded prison on the Weteringschans. Two days later the eight Jewish prisoners were transported to Westerbork. Since they were arrested in hiding, they were considered criminals and were sent to the Punishment Barracks for hard labour. On September 3rd, they were transferred to the Auschwitz concentration camp and they were separated by gender. This was on the last transport from Westerbork to Auschwitz concentration camp. Of the 1019 passengers, 549 people-–including all children under the age of fifteen years-–were selected and sent directly to the gas chambers where they were killed. Anne along with the other females not sentenced to death was forced to strip, shave her head, and get tattooed on her arm with a specific identification number. In the day the women were used as slave labour. In the night, the women were forced in to freezing barracks. Disease was rampant, and Anne’s skin was infected with scabbies. In 1945, typhus spread through the camps. Anne and Margot both got Typhus. Margot fell from her bunk and died from the shock. A few days later Anne was dead too.

What is an annex?

An annex is a smaller building attached to a larger building. The Franks use it for a hiding place. They had a bookcase over the door of the annex for secrecy.


Coming of Age/Identity: Anne’s diary was written during her years of adolescence. Therefore, she struggled with many teenage problems, such as puberty, finding an identity, and having her own space from her parents. In Anne’s diary, she questions herself a lot. She questions if she’s virtuous, if she’s too selfish, and why she is despised by Germans just because she is Jewish. Of course it is hard for Anne to find easy answers to her questions, but she uses them to help define her self. Anne writes a lot about trying to find her own identity, which is hard since she is living in a small space with no privacy. In the end, she learns to just be her self and not care if who and who doesn’t like her.

War: Anne doesn’t like politics at all, but she is caught up in the war no matter what. The war caused her to go into hiding and live in constant fear. The adults living in the annex speak constantly about their thought, views and opinions on the war. Once the allies start making progress against the Germans, Anne writes about the all battles and it shows her excitement to get out of the annex forever.

Suffering: After the war, everyone from the annex feels guilty about leaving all the other Jews behind to suffer. Anne tries to feel cheerful. Others don’t care. The question of how the annex residents deal with their feelings about the suffering outside is intimately linked to their own feelings of fear about being captured by the Germans.

Anne's father, Otto Frank, was an amateur photographer. The main theme in his photographs were just life, mostly his daughters life. This picture is of Anne and Margot at the beach.