• Why is it that no-one wants Anne?
No-one wants anne because she talkes alot and askes to many Questions about things
  • Why did Mrs.Spencer send a girl instead of a boy like asked ?
She sent a girl instead of a boy because of miss comunication between them and Mrs. Spencer
  • What Changes Marilia mind for her to diside to keep Anne?
Marillia Changes her mind after hearing about the hard times Anne has had well moving for place to place. She eventually warms up to Anne and learns that Anne is the most important thing to her.
  • Will Marillia and matthew make do with Anne or will they get a boy as well?
As I read the book if noticed that the Cuthberts really enjoy having Anne around and i doubt their going to get a little boy.
  • Will Anne forgive Gilbert for calling her carrotts ??
Anne does forgive Gilbert about him callling her carrots, and they become really good friends.
Anne Shirley
Mrs. Marilla Cuthbert
Mr. Matthew Cuthbert
Mrs. Rachel Lynde
Diana Barry
Gilbert Blythe
Mr. Philllips
Mrs. Muriel Stacy
Anne of Green Gables is a book of many themes but one that really stands out is nature. Anne is always talking about the nature around her and how beautifull it is nomatter what time of year.another is resposibility while growing up. Anne is always learning what to do and how to be responsible.

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