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Who will survive and die? Who will be taken away to consentration camps? How will did they find this hiding spot? When will people come and find them,wil people come and find them? How does Anne deal with all these changes? Answer:Anne deals with all her changes by writing in her jornal and exspressing her feelings toward life.Anne also talks about her daily events and happenings in her life and whats she thinks about them. anne-frank.jpg Why are the Germans doing this to the Jews? What is an Annexe? Answer: An Annexe is an addition that extends a main building. "You only really get to know people when you've had a jolly good row with them.Then and then only can you judge their true characters!"What exsaclt does this mean? Answer: This quote is empliing that you shoul never judge someone from why they look,talk or walk you should get to know them befor judging what you think about them.I think this is a very meaningful quote becuase lots of people these days judge people by their color or religion. When do the Nazi's come find the family's and what will happen to them?and how do they get caught?

couple.gifAnne's parents come from respected German families. Otto, Anne's father had been an officer in the German Army during World War I. Character List Anne Frank: Anne Frank was a young dutch women,who is the yongest child of Mr and Mrs Frank. Anne's diary means the world to her,she is intelligent,charming and sometimes even funny. Margot Frank: Margot Frank is Anne Frank's older sister,when the diary starts Margot is sixteen years old. Margot is very studious,quiet,humble, and very eager to please her parents,Margot usually clashes with her sister but at times they can get along.Margot is also a big goody good. Mr.Frank: Mr.Frank is the father of Anne Frank,Mr.Frank comes from a very wealthy family and spent most of his life in Germany.He is also a very patient man. Mrs.Frank: Mrs.Frank is the Mother of Anne Frank,Mrs.Frank also comes from a wealthy family and spent most of her life in Germany. Mr.Van Daan: Mr.Van Daan is a buisness associate of Mr.Frank, Mr.Frank was formely in the sausage and meat business. Mr.Van Dann's family is living with Franks in the annex. Mrs.Van Daan: Mrs.Van Daan is Mr.Van Dann's wife,her husband and her are also Germans. She tends to be vain and lacking in humility,Which tends to make Anne very frusterated and she finds it hard to live with her.Mrs.Van Dann often has disagrements about how to raise children wiht Mr. and Mrs.Frank. Peter Van Dann: Peter Van Dann is the only son of Mr. and Mrs.Van Dann,Peter is almost sixteen when he comes to live in the annex. Peter is Shy,Akward, and introspective Albert Dussel: Albert Dussel is an older dentist that invted to share rooms in the annex with the Franks and Van Danns. Mr.Koophius: Mr.Koophius is a Dutch associate that Mr.Frank knows,he is the one that arranged for them to live in the annex.Mr.Koophius provides them with food,and keeps their secret for two whole years. Harry Goldberg: Harry Goldberg is Anne's boyfriend until she has to go into hiding,he is a member of the Zionist Youth League. Miep: Miep is a dutch women who help the Franks and Van Danns in hiding she brings them food,clouthing,books,and happily assists with anything else they need. home_anne.jpg Notes on the book -Mrs.Van Dann and Anne dont get along very well -Anne' parents stick up for her and kind of spoil her -Anne was born June 12,1929 -The Frank's emigrated to Holland in 1933 -Anne names her diary Kitty beucase she wants beucase to think she is talking to her friend -Mr.Frank was 36 when he married Mrs.Frank -Margot was born in 1926 -During the Hollacost the Jews had to wear yellow stars,Jews must hand in their bicycles,Jews were banned form trams and were forbidden to drive,Jews were onl allowed to go shopping between the times of three and five,Jews must also be indoors by eight oclock,Jews were also not allowed to go to theatres,cinemas,and other places of entertainment,they may also not take part in public sports,Swimming baths tennis courts hockey fields were also pehibitted to them,Jews were also not allowed to visit christians,Jews must also go to jew school. -Anne really enjoys playing pingpong -Anne wants to become a writer -girls.gifAdolf Hitler's Nazi party comes to power in Germany in 1933. Hitler begins his campaign against the Jews and the Frank family starts to fear for their future in Germany. In the summer of 1933. -In 1938 Otto expands his business, going into partnership with a merchant, Hermann van Pels, also a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany. -By the mid-1930s the Franks settle into a normal routine in their apartment at 37 Merwedeplein: the girls attend school; the family takes vacations at the beach; and their circle of Jewish and non-Jewish friends grows. -Unfortunately, the Frank's belief that Amsterdam is a safe haven from Nazism is shattered when, in May, 1940, the Germans invade the Netherlands, and the Franks are once again forced to live under Nazi rule. -All Jews have to register their businesses. Later, they are forced to surrender them to non Jews. Fortunately, Otto Frank, in antcipation of this decree, has already turned his business over to his non Jewish colleagues Victor Kugler and Johannes Kleiman. -By 1942, Jews are being arrested just for being Jews. Many are forced to go to German labor camps. Fearful for their lives the Frank family begins to prepare to go into hiding. Plot/Summary:(as i read) On the Annes thirteenth birthday she recives a diary and names it Kitty. One day, the Natazzi Police contact Anne's father and warn him that they are going to be sent away to concentration camps,so Anne's family flees to there hidding spot,the annexe.Anouther family joins them,the Van Daans,they have one son named Peter.Anne really dislikes Mrs.Van Dann, and complains that most grown-ups critcize her. Anne,tells Kitty that her Jewish friends are being taken away by the dozen,they are being loaded on to cattle trucks and being taken away to concentration camps.Mr.Frank gets sick,but they are unable to call a doctor,since they are hiding in the Annex.Anouther person join them Mr.Dussel,he is a very stubborn.Anne often feels bad beucase while she is safe in hiding he Jewish friends are probally suffering.Anne feels frustrated that she is criticized so often. She still does not get along with Mrs. Van Daan, and still finds Mummy cold, refusing to pray with her, upsetting her greatly. Chapter Summary:(June/July 1942) *(june 14) Anne writes about getting her diary for her birthday,Anne thinks it is the best gift of ALL. *(june 15) Anne shows a film at her birthday that all her friends enjoy!And her mommy is always asking who she will marry,Anne thinks that she will marry Peter Wessel. *(june 20) Anne thinks that it is sorta odd that a person like her would write a diary,and who would wnt to read it.But she dosnt care she writes what she thnks and spills her heart.Anne also thinks that nobody belive a girl like her feels alone,becuase she has nice parents,sister,friends and many boyfriends. Anne gives a brief dicription of her life like when her parents married,when they immagrated,when her sister and her were born,what jews arent allowed to do,what jew rules are,etc.Pingpong,icecream and boys are a few of Annes favorite things in life. *(june 21) Anne is VERY nervous about the teachers meeting,beucase they are determining who will move up or who will stay where they are,Anne is pretty confident that she will get moved up.Her math teahcer,Mr.Keptor often gets annoyed with Anne beucase she likes to talk alot,but soon over rules with her sense of humor. *(june 24) Anne is very upset beucase the weather is hot and Jews are not allowed to ride the cool tram,and thats the the worst of it Annes bicycle was stolen. Annes meets a young boy,Harry Goldberg,he walks her to and from school. *(june 30) Anne finds out that Harry has a girlfriend but when he meets Anne he forgets about his girlfirend,Harry grandmother thinks that Anne is to young fot Harry. Harry's grandparents also do not know that Harry goes to the Zionist Movement meetings. *(july 3) Harry meets Anne's parents,he brings sweets and tea for them.Harry takes and for a walk and Daddy is cross that he brings her back after the Jewish cufew.Anne tell Kitty that she is not in love wiht Harry. *(july 5) Anne did great on her exams,and her Daddy is retricted from wokr so his buisness partners Mr.Koophuis and Mr.Kraler have taken over.Anne gets very suprised by hearing her dad talking about being in hiding.Anne gets curious and asks when they are going to leave Daddy says not to worry,so Anne makes the best of her life while she can. *(july 8)Anne's Daady and sister get call ups from the Nazi Police for their deporation to the concentration camps,so the family started to pack,they woke up early and left with tons o clothes on thier body so they didnt to bring a suitcase. *(july 9) As the family is walking to the Annexe Anne sees people staring at her family,with their yellow stars. The two familys are hiding in a part of her dad's office. *(july 10) On the arrival date the Frank's spend all day scrubing it down. Anne didnt even have time to decirbe what was happening to her till Wednsday because she was so busy. *(july 11) Anne doesnt quite feel at home yet,so she decorated her room wiht filmstar pictures and post cards.Anne has also put her mind into making it more cheerful. Chapter Summary(August/September 1942) *(august 14) Anne describes how peter is a shy gawky youth.The Van Daan's started a romour that the Frank's fled to Belguim. *(august 21)Mr Kraler puts a moveble cupboard in front of the Annex door too keep it secret.Anne thinks that her mom treats her like a baby,and she think Peter is a lazy fool. *(september 2) Anne is surprised about the little fight between the Van Daans,and at how lazy peter is.Mrs.Frank and Mrs.Van Daan are not getting along,and Pter keeps on sneeking away with this book about women,which all the parents think he shouldnt read.After three whole days everything becomes normal again. *(september 21) Anne works on her family tree with Daddy(Mr.Frank),which she enjoys alot.Anne is also working very hard on her french, and she loves the books Mr.Koophuis brings them.Anne still isnt getting along wiht Mrs.Van Daan. *(september 25) To comunicate with the outside world, they smuggle letters to a chemist who does business with the firm, and who lives in a neutral country. He sends the reply in an envolope to the office. When this letter arrives, it is replaced by a letter in Daddy's handwriting. *(september 27) Anne has a large fight with her mother. It is surprising since the family usually does not have such disagreements. Anne comments on how the Van Daans treat her as one of their own children. *(september 28) Anne complains about how it seems she is constantly criticized in everything she does. Anne knows that she has her faults but also knows that she is not as bad-mannered, conceited, pushy, lazy, and stupid as they think. *(september 29) They have a washtub and there is lots of hot water. Each person has his own place for bathing. Anne thinks her place is the BEST of all. October (1942): (October 1) Bells ring loud and Anne gets scared that it is the S.S, but it turns out to only be the postman. Mrs. Van Daan flirts with Mr. Frank and Anne hates it. Peter and Anne make some fun in the house by cross-dressing. Elli gets Anna and Margot new dresses, Anne compares the quality to before the war. (October 3) In a fight Mrs. Frank tells Mr. Frank what she thinks about Anne. Anne hears what mommy says and tells her dad that she like daddy better then her mom. (October 9) Anne tells kitty again that her friends are being taken away, they are being loaded in to cattle trucks and taken to the concentration camp in Westerbork. Anne had heard that the conditions there are horrible; there is only one bath for a hundred people and women, children and men all live in one room. She is also hearing that people are being gassed in the concentration camps. Miep is telling Anne stories and Anne is tearing herself away from the stories. Miep also tells her of an old Jewish women who is waiting for a Gestapo to take her away, because no one would take the risk of taking her in, as a punishment for sabotage the German execute hostages and describe them as fatal deaths. Anne is disgusted and can’t believe she used to be a German, and says that Germans and Jews and one of the biggest enemies in the world. (October 16) Anne finds French fun but she really dislikes math. Margot and Anne read pieces of each other’s diaries and talk about the future. Anne asks Margot if she is ugly. And Margot’s answer is no. (October 20) Someone is knocking, shacking and pulling the cupboard in front of the door, Anne is sure she is going to die, but it just turns out to be Mr.Koophius. (October 29) Anne is very worried about her father because he has a fever and rashes, which is looking like measles. But there is nothing they can do because they are in hiding. All of Mrs. Van Daan’s Belongings have been taking out of her home, but no one has told her because no one wants to here her whining and groaning. Anne reads a book about prostitution and says she would die of shame. Mommy is also making Anne pray with her, but Anne does not like be pious just to oblige. Next>>