Aleutian Sparrow

In June 1942, the Japanese navy invaded the Alaskan Aleutian Island. This happened seven months after they attacked Pearl Harbour. For nine thousand years the Aleut people had had adapted and become accustomed to these treeless, windswept lands. Within days of the first attack, the entire native population living west of Unimask Island was relocated to the dense forests of Alaska's Southeast where they lived in an alien environment. With resilience, compassion, and humour, the Aleut people responded to the great pain of upheaval and dislocation. This is the story of Vera, a young Aleut caught up in the depression and struggles with everything bad that happens in the war, because it all affects her and her people. With all this, the Aleut people are struggling to make it through. The Aleutian people where not taken care of, many died of tuberculosis, whooping cough, measles, mumps, and pneumonia.

Along with the death of the Aleut people, their religion and way of life died and was forgotten because most stayed living with the Americans, in larger citys getting jobs and living their simple life. So when the Aleut people tryed and tryed, they did it all for nothing, most of them died, and only a hand full moved back. The Aleut people had to live in a very harsh environment. The Aleut people never got to live in a fixed home, where often mistreated, and discriminated. Most of the Aleut people where discriminated by the Americans because they where different. When the Americans took them away, they moved them to different areas, they were wet, had holes, and very draftee, after moving around further and further east, the war had ended and the Aleut people where able to move back to the Unimask island.

The theme is that war is what, depression, destruction, and despair. The whole idea that everything emotional is destroyed, and now everything around you is destroyed, everything you go back to is gone, this is the ultimate question, what do you go back to after depression, what makes you feel better? What would you do if all this were gone? How does the human spirit react, when everything goes wrong?

I found the theme very dark and everyone was disheartened, you find that everything they had was destroyed and forgotten. They had nothing left to life off of. This is why most of the Aleut people chose to live with the Americans and by their rules and laws. The Aleutian people and the Aleutian way pretty much gone and almost bordering on extinct.

The Aleutian people made the best of what they had, they did live through, they found things to do, found money, and even found life through so much sickness and death. They managed to keep the most important thing complete, which is life.

VERA: A young Aleut girl who is also the main character and the only one talked about in this book.

The theme(s) is this book is/are depression; it shows how war affects everyone directly or indirectly.


This is a book about Vera a young Aleut girl. Her and her people are relocated to the east where they live in an alien environment of dense trees and forests. This is incredibly hard due to the fact that they live in treeless areas. Living here gets harder and harder because they are constantly being moved around. Death and sickness sweeps the land and starts to kill people one by one. In the end, her people are moved back to there original homes only to find they have no homes left, everything has bin looted, burned, and destroyed. The government did absolutely nothing to help the Aleut people.