Table Of Contents:
1) Notes/Questions/Answers/Summaries
2) Dane's Report
Dane's Page
Queston: How is wealth described in this story? Is this just about greed or is the author trying to put out a more complex idea?
Answer: I think that the main character, Scrooge, greedy and ignerant man. He can't really get over that his best friend and best partner is dead. The time of the year is christmas and the Scrooge is at the climax of is ignerance. He won't even let his employee's have Christmas Day off. I think that as the book progresses the Scrooge will understand and comprehend how greedy he has been and lighten up a bit. Wealth is described in this story as extremely important. Because the setting is so early in time wealth is very hard to achive. Most wealthy people we born into it from their parents. Scrooge earned his wealth and is proud of it. I think his greed is partly the reason of his situation in the book.
The author of this book is Charles Dickens, and it was published in 1843.
The main characters in this book are the Scrooge and his dead friend Jacob Marley.
I noticed that Scrooge was having a hard time letting go of Jacob Marley. He didn't even erase his name off of his office door.
When scrooge is on the streets most people try to avoid him because of his brutal and disrespective attitude.
He has 1 nephew and this nephew is a huge Christmas fan. It bothers him greatly but he gets through it.
Question: How did Jacob Marley Die?
Answer: N/A
The first of the three spirits:
This first spirit that Mr. Scrooge met paths with described to me as a young, nice, gentle spirit who was only there to try to persuade his greedy attitude into a little more loving. This Spirit is called "The Ghost of Christmas Past". I could tell by how the author described this spirit was that it was a female. This spirit took Mr. Scrooge back in time to the better parts of his life. Mostly his childhood and the day he was rescued from his poor life and brought into a wealthy one. I realized why Mr. Scrooge was the way he was. He had a very devastating childhood with extremely bad memories of Christmas. This Spirit tried to give Scrooge a better understanding of Christmas and even life itself. Scrooge was embarrassed to go to the past and didn’t want to be a part of it but had no choice the spirit dragged him along.

Question: Why did the first spirit take him back in time to see his past? What makes Scrooge so special that he gets the opportunity to go back in his past? Why do the spirits go to him? Did this trip to his past have a good effect on him?
Answer: I think the Spirit's job is to seek out those who have lost all meaning of chirstmas and try to save them. This is partly the reason that the Spirit picks Scrooge to help. I think they take him back to his past because they want to show him the times that he actually had feelings for christmas and other things, he wasn't just a mean, ignerant man. Scrooge trys to refuse this offer to go in his past but the Spirit doesn't give him an option. I think that the trip to his had a large impact on Scrooge. I think hes beginning to realize that you only live once and so far he hasn't been living very well.
The Second of the Three Spirits:
The second of the three spirits was much like the first, it was a happy, joyful spirit who was only trying to set out a better path for Scrooge. This spirit went around to different places and showed Scrooge what is happening in different dwellings. This Spirit is called "The Ghost of Christmas present. This Spirit was a gentle, loud male. When Scrooge first met this Spirit he was welcomed into a room filled with every type of food you can think of. This hint gave me the fact that this Spirit was going to be very polite. It turns out as i read on that this Spirit had little time on earth, he had to leave earth when the clock hit 12. This impacted Scrooge because it made him feel important and think of why the Spirit is spending his last bit of time on earth trying to make Scrooge's life just a little better and give him and understanding of present Christmas.
Question: Did this Spirit have a large impact on Scrooge? Is Scrooge beginning to change or is he still the mean old man?
I think that this Spirit had a decent impact on Scrooge. It was able to give Scrooge a bigger picture of what is going on and why. I think he now has a good understanding of people around the world and how he doesn't have it tough at all, he actually has it pretty good. The only bad thing is that on Christmas Day he is not spending it with his family. I think that after Scrooge has seen both past Christmas and present Christmas he is starting to turn a corner and he is realizing the true meaning of Christmas and even life. This Spirit impacts Scrooge immensely and i think the next one will have an even more tremendous impact.
The Last Spirit:
The last spirit was very different and unique to the other 2 spirits. This spirit is called "The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come". This spirit is dressed in a black robe and an unseeable face. This spirit was very mysterious and abtruse. This spirit wouldn't even talk or say anything. Scrooge would ask many questions and demand many things but all the spirit would do is point its finger. Im inconclusive if to which this spirit was male or female. Scrooge had a seen a dead man under a sheet but didn't actually get to see the face of this man. He was scared to find out because he was scared it would be himself. Most of this stave is about Scrooge finding out who this dead man was. In the end we find out that this dead man was indeed Scrooge but this affects scrooge deeply and he feels he still has a chance to change the future when he is sent back to his time.