Dane's Report

A Christmas Carol is a fascinating and attentive book. It starts off interesting and follows the same path throughout the whole book. It requires excessive imaginary thoughts and good belief in the spirit of Christmas. This book makes you realize the true meaning of Christmas and makes you think back to your own past and what you did or didn’t do on this special day.

The Christmas Carol is based on the spirit of Christmas. The main character is a lonely old man named Scrooge. He has a tough time letting go off his best friend and best partner named Jacob Marley. Scrooge has never really been a nice or good man; he’s always been one of those people that you try to avoid or ignore when you see them in the streets or anywhere else. Scrooge has 1 nephew that is a very large Christmas fan. He tries to persuade Scrooge into being as nicer person and loving Christmas, but fails. His nephew knows that it is doubtful for him to persuade Scrooge into liking Christmas but he says that he will never give up on Scrooge and he knows that Scrooge will soon realize the true meaning of Christmas Scrooge brings a bad attitude and a bad atmosphere to this book, although this is soon changed when Scrooge is introduced to 4 ghosts. These ghosts I think are very beneficial to Scrooge, his life, and his family. The first ghost is named "The Ghost of Christmas Past" and this ghost is profitable to Scrooge because he is able to remember all the bad pieces of his Christmas life and how he can try to change that for other people. "The Ghost of Christmas Present" is the second spirit and is profitable to Scrooge because he is able to see different Christmas's around the world. "The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come" i think is the most beneficial spirit because Scrooge sees what happens to himself in the future and it gives him a desire to change his life and be a better person. This book has many little details compacted into it which make it even greater. These details also play a large role in the book because later on they all come in play and give you an even greater understanding of this book and of Christmas. This book was written by a very intelligent author and offers a great meaning.

Christmas Spirit
Through suffering Scrooge learns that even though his past wasn't the greatest that doesn't mean he has to make other peoples past's terrible just because of his bad attitude and ignerance.
By sharing Scrooge becomes a better person and realizes a more complex idea of Christmas.

A greater understanding leads to Scrooge being a nicer and happier person. He becomes a whole new person and he is way better off.
The first spirit, "Ghost of Christmas Past" took Scrooge into the depths of his past and revealed many many part of Scrooge's childhood that took reason in why he is what he is. Through suffering Scrooge lives through the worst of Christmas and by having this experience it gives him a wide opportunity to change. Scrooge has passes this opportunity for many years but he did so because he didn't even realize that he had it. Lucky for him he was able to have this fortunate offer of this spirit and it helped him get on his tracks. By realizing what goes on during Christmas's around the world, "Ghost of Christmas Present" helps him substantially. He realizes that by sharing he can change the lives of others and change the life of his own. If he were to share he would not only help the people he was sharing with but he would help himself my being able to fell good about himself. A greater understanding leads to Scrooge knowing the true meaning of Christmas and being able to comprehend it. I think that when he finally realizes that all of his greedyness is leading to his employee's son getting killed, it hits him hard. He can't even believe that he could have done that. So as soon as he gets back to present day the first thing he does, is try to change that by giving his employee a raise and sending him a huge turkey.

I think that in the end Scrooge learned the true meaning of Christmas and found his Christmas Spirit inside himself after all. I think that Scrooge learned many many things but to sum it up in 3 main points i would say he learned sharing and what it does for other people and himself. He experienced suffering and knows the knowledge of it so he can use it in a good way. And he learned a greater understand of Christmas and Christmas Spirit so he no longer has to be alone on Christmas and he no longer has to feel bad about himself or anything else. This book was extremely good and it really did change my perspective on Christmas. The ending of this book just made me feel real good and satisfied. I Challenge anyone to read this book and i guarentee that if you do so, you will find great meaning and great interest and I'm sure you will feel just as great as i did.