20,000 Leagues Characters


Pierre Aronnax is the main character. He is adventurous, brave, and persistant. He is the Assistant Professor at the Museum of Natural History in Paris, and was hired by Captain Farragut to help him track down and kill a monster that has been terrorising ships all over the ocean. He is followed everywhere by his loyal assistant Conceil.

Conceil is Pierre Aronnax's assistant. He is devoted, quiet, kind, and quick. He came along with Pierre on the Abraham Lincoln, which is Captain Farragut's ship.

Ned Land is another man hired by Captain Farragut. He is tall, strongly built, grave, occasionally violent, and passionate when contradicted. He was hired because of his skill in harpooning.

Captain Farragut is the Captain of the Abraham Lincoln. He set out on an expedition to kill the monster that has been terrorising ships.

Captain Nemo is the Captain of the Nautilus. He lives underwater, sustained completely by the sea, because he despises man-kind. Pierre suspects that it has something to do with something that happened a long time ago.