Nineteen Eighty-Four

By George Orwell
Page By Krystal

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Picture yourself reading a novel describing how the future is going to be; would you be scared, excited, or would you just choose not to believe it. Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell was published in 1949 and it was a fantasy of how the future could be. Revolving around the character Winston Smith it shares his story of the future. The world is split up into three main continents :Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia. Each controlled by separate groups, the novel is set in Oceania, which is ruled by the Party a society that controls the people of Oceania. Created by Big Brother, the Party is in control of everyone although there are people who go against it. Winston Smith has hatred towards Big Brother and the Party, often repeating "DOWN WITH BIG BROTHERS" he wishes to join the Brotherhood a secret underground society that goes against the Party.

Unexpectedly, Winston meets Julia a girl who shares the same hatred towards the Party as himself. They fall madly in love and conduct a love affair, by doing this they are breaking the law and if caught could suffer immensely. Fear does not stop them though and they keep on with their love affair, meeting in secret places where no televisions or microphones could track them. Although Julia is Winston’s love there is one person he does take interesting to, O’Brien a man Winston believes to be apart of the Brotherhood. Together Winston and Julia meet O’Brien and take vows to be loyal the underground society. After this event everything starts going down hill for the two. Could joining something you have dreamed of your whole life of cost your happiness? Full of many symbols Nineteen Eighty-Four is a novel that will keep you interested until you’re finished. Control is the biggest symbol portrayed in this novel, mainly through societies and electronics.

Societal control is portrayed mainly through the Party. There is control over the people of Oceania for one reason, power. Not caring about wealth or goods, the Party believes power makes you invincible. Modern geniuses have produced many mind-blowing ways to control Oceania. Controlling the way people dress, the vocabulary they use, and mainly their freedom of thought; it is hard to up rise against the society. There are Thought Police, people who track your thoughts. Even thinking a certain way the Party does not support could land you in jail on charges of committing a Thought Crime. The past is in the hands of the society too for they control the memories of people and the records of history, the two things that prove its existence. The Brotherhood is another society but it is the opposite of the Party. People who despise the Party and anything it stands for join the underground society. No one actually knows if this group truly exists and some believe it to be a repulsive rumour. Although the Brotherhood is another society, it cannot be compared to the Party for they are the masterminds of control.

Have you ever felt like someone was watching you? Well, in Oceania being watched seems very normal. People are watched or tracked as you could call it throughout the novel by electronics. Tracking people through electronics is another symbol of control. If you live in Oceania your house most likely has a television, through these televisions the Party can track every movement you make, thought that hits your mind, or word you write. When walking down the street you would see many televisions and if there weren't any there would be a secret microphone hiding somewhere. Although Nineteen Eighty-Four is fiction there are many ways now to track people, downloading a simple system and you could be looking at everything a person has looked at while on the computer. I believe this form of control by the Party is the worst for no one could be actually sure if what they do is safe.

Control plays a big factor in shaping Nineteen Eighty-Four. It expands the train of thought and gets people to think of situations they probably have never imagined before. Without these symbol I don't believe George Orwell could of stretched the human mind as he did. The fact that the story of this novel could come true in the future scares me most. We could be watch or spied on without even knowing it with all the modern technology these days. Eventually this could lead to control for knowledge about yourself could be everywhere and in life could be used against you. The freedom you once knew could be gone in a flash and the world you've known could be controlled by societies and electronics in only a matter of time.


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